Learning English Question and Answer – Number 1

Learning English Question and Answer – Number 1
1. Energy is one of the most important cornerstones of the modern society. The aircraft, vessel and automobile need oil to run; Burning of coal provides electricity and heat to us; the machines in factories are working on electricity; the light, TV set, computers and etc. also depend on electricity to work. In today’s world, we are not able to live without energy.

In the past 2004, the world met big crisis of energy. Globally, the price of petroleum soared. The development of world economy was seriously influenced. Domestically, the shortage of power supply in summer forced thousands of factories to close every day.

People are working hard to search for more energy supply. More petroleum and coal mines have been found; more electricity plants are under construction; the new types of energy such as nuclear are developed. We must realize that the supply of energy is limited. If we do not make better use of them, our society will be in bigger energy crisis.

2. 2008: As the biggest International sports meeting, the Olympic Games will be held in Beijing in 2008. This is the first time that the Olympic Games come into China. At that time, it is expected that tens of thousand of players and millions of visitors from different countries will come to Beijing.

In order to prepare the sports meeting, China will invest billions of US dollars. A new main stadium is under construction as well as several other new sports facilities. Beijing’s traffic system will also be improved. Chinese sport player teams, who won 32 golden medals in 2004 Olympic Games, started their training for 2008. It is expected that they are going to perform better in 2008.

2008 Olympic Games gives China a great chance to show itself. As host, how could 1.3 billion Chinese return the world a pleasant surprise? A civilized, vigorous and self-confident China will be best gift to the world.