Understanding Issues in Organizational Behavior

A. How effective are non-monetary incentives in relieving stress?

Monetary incentives at first glance appear to be motivational and accepted as such by most people but not always does it carry much length in satisfaction. Relieving employee stress goes further than monetary compensation from your employer. Non-monetary compensation in consideration to assist employees with stress comes in many forms. Employees under stress would most likely look forward to paid time off, schedule adjustments and the possibility of a more flexible work shift. I my experience non-monetary incentives have resulted in a more effective response from employees. Happy employees perform better and produce better results in the work environment.

B. How does employee motivation impact organizational performance?

Employee motivation plays a large part in an organizations performance and productivity results. Motivation encourages people to try and achieve their designated task and goals. For many, motivation provides a sense of accomplishment and the good feeling of belonging to an organization in control of their destination. Being part of something structured can often offer much motivation for employees. Lack of motivation among the work force can result in low encouragement to achieve, promote negative feeling about the organization and the organizations concerns about its personnel. Organizations who promote positive motivation expresses awareness and acknowledgement about their employees further enhancing creativity and productivity results.

C. In today’s business environment, what is the importance of a culturally diverse workforce?

Today’s business is almost non-existing without cultural diversity taking main stage in the workforce. The importance of culturally diverse in the workforce is just as important as the business market today if not more. Understanding and learning how to deal with cultural diversity can only widened and opened global opportunities for organizations to succeed. By becoming more adapted to the needs and indifferences of all the many cultures within business and particularly the workforce, organizations have expanded and opened the doors to great success potential. Accepting diversity and maintaining a positive and motivated organization in today’s business world is priority for many businesses around the world. The workforce is the core structure of an organized business, dealing with diversity and creating a positive and diverse workplace will only promote success and performance.