How Responsible is My Generation – English Essay

My generation is less responsible than my parents generation for many reasons. My generation is one of technology. It is a generation of Gameboy’s, Internet Browsers, graphing calculator’s and DVD’s. My parents generation is a generation of self-motivation. It was

one of walking places, writing out problems, and reading books. The advancements in technology have worked to make my generation lazy. The slightly primitive times of my elders, helped them build motivation within themselves and allowed them to build up a want to learn.

A person of my generation may ask why he should learn the origin and meaning of a given problem when all he really needs to do is punch in a few buttons, hit enter, and copy the answer from a screen to paper. In my parents generaton, things were not made quite so easy. Instead of plugging in their problem on a calculator, they had to write out step by step, the formula to the problem, and thereafter thoroughly understand each step they made as they went along. . Most kids my age would rather get past level 4 of a Mortal Combat video game than learn about the fascinating concepts of calculus, and those not playing the game and actually doing their work, could care less about the concepts. They’d rather just rememeber the steps to take on their TI-83 to get the good grade on the test.

So, yeah, I’d say that my generation is less responsible than my parent’s. For we try too hard to find machines and electronic tools that will work for us, than strengthening our only real essential tool- our mind. From the mind, stems many other tools that dont require being plugged in, or charged up. Effort, passion, motivation, these are what we are lacking that our parents generation found within themselves. In some cases, lack of resources inclines the mind to think. This seems very applicable when noticing the divergency of responsibility levels in my generation and my parent’s.