Healthy Eating

Eating the right things and knowing what to choose can be difficult if you do not know what you are looking for. To eat healthy one has to choose the right fruits and vegetables which can be tricky. Healthy eating can be pricey. If you have ever been to the store and seen the prices there one would know. Healthy eating is hard for most people and can be expensive.

It’s not your imagination eating right is costly. In fact you pay more than $30 more per day on food if you make healthy choices. Researchers at the University of Washington recently put together a study to consider food prices based on dollars per calories to help consumers understand the prices between healthy and not-so-healthy foods. Generally speaking, the foods highs in nutrients are low in calorie count while junk food tends to be calorie dense. The bottom line in this study was that high calorie foods jingle in at a cost of $3.52 per person per day compared to $36.32 for low calorie selections. Most consumers do a bit of balancing and plunk down $7 per day for food for each person(allison2008).

With today’s society and the way people are losing jobs most can’t afford to eat none the less try to eat healthy. Many try to cut back by looking for the cheaper food which doesn’t mean the best food for you. People cut coupons, look through ads they receive in the mail also know as junk mail. Anything they can do to try and eat healthy; People just really need to think about what they are going to eat and how much to eat. We have all heard of portion control. Just try to cut down your portions into smaller ones than you are use to. As Americans we love to eat out at fast food places. The trick to eating at these places are order a salad with dressing on the side or maybe a grilled chicken sandwich instead of a breaded one. And the one thing we all love the most is soda try substituting water instead. These are just some ideas and they are really common sense.

Here are some things that you should eat and what you should avoid. You should eat fruit that is fresh, dried without sulfur, preservatives, additives and sweeteners. Fruits that should be eaten are frozen without preservatives and additives. What you should avoid in fruit canned with heavy syrup or light syrup. Vegetables that should be eaten are fresh, raw, lightly steamed and baked. Vegetables to avoid are canned and overcooked. Grains that are good for you are whole grains that are unprocessed sugar free. Some grains to avoid are all products with white flour, white rice and instant oatmeal’s. Some legumes to may eat are dry beans and peas. Some legumes to avoid are canned and prepared with animal fat and pork and beans (Healthy eating Advisor, 2002-2009). The list can go on and on but these are just some examples so that one might understand.

All this healthy eating should be considered in children especially. Many children are obese today because their parents choose not to feed them healthy foods. The guidelines to feeding children healthy food are about the same as an adult but have different portion sizes and may need more in certain areas than an adult. Parents need to realize that children can and should not live off of junk food just because they are lazy. Parents should offer their children a wide variety of foods like fruits and vegetables and dairy products. Like and adult just watch the amount you give them.

The people particular that should be highlighted is the children and any person in poor health. Today people are getting healthy. If people where not getting healthy today they would be in poor health. Health eating present situation is better than many year ago but there are still many out there in poor health.

The current range of public opinion on healthy eating is not known at this time. Any persons view could effectively represent one extreme. Anyone could represent an opposite view of the subject. Anyone in the public experience can serve to represent the majority of those directly involved in healthy eating. The public’s perception of the healthy eating differ from the experience of those directly involved with it because they think it is just easy to eat healthy but they don’t understand how hard it is to do.

The future of healthy eating might hold that many people will be healthy and in good health if they continue to eat healthy. People might stay healthy if they continue to eat healthy because that is what happens. If a person does not eat healthy they can have a relapse and gain the weight they loss back or go back to poor health. The headline that might appear in a newspaper that would not be surprising to read or hear in the future is that many Americans are still obese. For the time being, the aspect of healthy eaten that reporters should be looking at is that many Americans are changing their lives and becoming healthy. Reader should be following the way that Americans are becoming healthy. The major conclusion about healthy eating that should be reported to my readers is that if they don’t take care of themselves and their children they will be in poor health and possibly overweight? Also children that are overweight have low self-esteem and get teased much. Why put a child in a place like that when it can be avoided.


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