Example of Formal English Letter Exchange Between 2 Parties

Example of Formal English Letter Exchange Between 2 Parties
Dear Mrs. Nancy, I am a girl and a freshman in college. Several weeks ago, I had a crush on a boy, who was a sophomore in the same department with me. I am very confused and don’t know how to deal with my feelings because I had no such experience before. When I was in the senior high school, I was a very hard-working student. My mother always told me that how important it

was to get into a good university and how great to be a college student. Therefore, I studied so hard everyday during and after school that I almost had no time for any kind of recreation. I was not allowed to go out with my classmates. As a result, I had little chance to get along with others, boys in particular. But now I have fallen in love with him and I want to know him. So I need some advices from you.

Sincerely yours,
Confused Mary


Dear Mary,

You are very lucky that you had fallen in love with someone, because love is the precious emotion of human beings. However, first love is always rough, especially you had no experience of dealing with the opposite sex. But that’s ok. You can learn it yourself from your classmates. College is like a miniature of the society. It is filled with people of all kinds and you have to get along with them. And then, you will learn how to get along with people.

As to your question to love, I give you a vital advice that you must not be too aggressive to him, or he will be alarmed. You ought to approach him in a mild way. Since you are in the same department, you can know him by asking for advices from him. They can be about study, schoolwork, classes, and various matters. There will be lots of reasons for you to approach him. Then, you will become friends. And you will have even more opportunities to be with him. You two will be very good friends.

Little by little, you will know him more. Then you will be able to consider whether he is the one you want. If the answer is yes, try to confess yourself to him what you think of him; but, if you were refused, don’t be depressed. You can still take him as a friend or just a stranger you have never known.

But I cannot give you any insurance. All I can do is only you my opinions. Who can decide are only you. Any decision can influence what will happen in the future. So you have to receive the consequences to come. To sum up, “Think before you leap,” or you will hurt yourself from top to end.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Nancy