Example of a Formal Letter – English

Example of a Formal Letter – English (100 Level Course)
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing with regard to one of the letters to the director published in Monday’s edition of your newspaper referring to the incorrect idea that society has of the younger generation’s behaviour encouraged by what is shown on our cinema and TV screens about us.I am in almost complete agreement with the author. I am sick and tired of how teenagers are shown to the general public as anarchists who

do not respect anyone but themselves and their friends, nor their families or their superiors in both university and at work. There are surely lots of youngsters who might fit in these profile but as many as there is all other age groups. Being a teenager does not mean being disrespectful of society. It is only a period of your life that does not necessarily imply behaving without caring about the consequences of your acts.

However, the TV industry seems to be determined to build a deformed image of our behaviour. In almost every serial, soap opera, film, documentary or even cartoon, the teenage characters appear to live out of any script. They have always the most antisocial personalities and hardly rely on anyone, have an argument with one of their relatives practically once a day and do nothing at school but smoke in the bathrooms and miss classes deliberately. Therefore, I would strongly suggest that these television stations and film enterprises change their minds and reflect also what the other half of the younger generation do, how they struggle to get on with a healthy working life.

Yours faithfully

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