Empires Rise and Fall – History Essay

When history is viewed like a fast forwarded movie clip, it can be easily seen that history repeats itself. Empires rise and fall, power changes hands over and over again. The reason that the study of

history plays such a prominent role in all forms of education is that history can be used to predict the future. As civilization and human intelligence advance beyond all boundaries of imagination, it is crucial for people to learn from mistakes of the past, and thus to prevent tragedies of the past to recur and create a true utopia for future generations.

The society of Canada is a great example of a well-rounded society built upon the awareness of historical faults. Canada is one of the most peaceful nations on earth, with no significant conflicts since its confederation. The major reasons for this are social equality and relative neutrality on the international stage. Canadians are well aware that the major causes of wars in history are social inequality and political hatred. Therefore, the leaders of Canada have constructed sophisticated social welfare programs and strict taxation laws to close the gap and harmonize relationships among the Upper, Middle and Lower classes. In addition, Canada maintains a neutral stance on international conflicts, notably the crises in Iraq and Afghanistan. This, in effect, makes Canada a less likely target for retaliation in the form of terrorist attacks. The implementations of Canada’s internal and external policies have served well to shape Canada into one of the most suitable places to live in the world.

As human civilization ventures into the unchartered territories of the future, it is absolutely necessary to look back into the depths of history to learn the invaluable lessons of success and failure.