Effectiveness of operational control system management of Safeguard Securicor

1.1 Introduction to study
Security is the degree of protection against danger, loss, and criminals. Nowadays, security systems become very important to any business or field in the certain industry which is Banking, Wal-Mart, personal assets and so on. There are many criminal problems due to social life exponential developing. In Malaysia these problems overpowered with existence of Securities Commission Malaysia.
The purpose on doing this research on “effectiveness of operational control system management of Safeguard Securicor” is to analyze whether the management system security that applied in Safeguard Securicor is very effective to control all their operational.

Security has to be compared and contrasted with other interrelated concepts which are Safety, continuity, reliability. The key difference between security and reliability is that security must take into account the actions of people attempting to cause destruction. The first security system was implemented in the 1960s to provide exporters of technology and facilities assurances that these were used for peaceful purposes only.In order to conduct this research, the researcher will identify the main factors that Safeguard Securicor has taken to control the operational system. Researcher can also determine the corporate social responsibilities of on their network and to determine the risk that Safeguard Securicor may face in order to control their operations.

1.2 Introduction to variable
A Management Control System is a system of collection of machines and people that work toward an objective. A system can be determined as a series of steps or phases consisting of a processing phase, an input phase, and an output phase. A control system adds measurement, reporting and analysis phases to the system. Output is measured, compared beside a plan, analyzed if judged as important, and after that reported back to the proper earlier phases of the system in the structure of positive or negative reinforcement. In a management control system, data and information is usually feedback to managers of the different system phases.
Managers have the responsibility to take an appropriate action based on the data and information provided.

1.3 Need for study
Researcher has to study to analyze and determine whether the management of operational control system in Safeguard Securicor is effective to ensure that they provide a high quality service to their customers.
This research is important because many thief issues were facing by Safeguard Securicor and from this research, researcher can analyze, evaluate, and find appropriate solutions for the problem that Safeguard Securicor may face to manage their operational system.

1.4 Objective
1.4.1 To analyze the main factor that Safeguard Securicor has taken to control the operational system.
1.4.2 To determine responsibility of cooperate social network on their network.
1.4.3 To investigate how Safeguard Securicor manage their employee for a particular event or task.
1.4.4 To find out the major factor that Safeguard Securicor takes to select their employee with high responsibility.
1.4.5 To identify the risk that they may face in operational control system.

1.5 Overview for Safeguard Securicor
Safeguard Securicor is the leading international security solutions group that opened branches in Malaysia. Safeguard Securicor specialize in outsourced business processes in sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat. Safeguard Securicor provide services such as:
• Cash Services- Cash Processing, Courier Services, Cash Transportation, Bank Escort Services, Cashier Services, ATM Outsourcing and Management, Full Outsourcing Solutions For Financial Institutions, Retail Cash Management, Valuable Escort Services, ATM Second Line Maintenance and Treasury Services.
• Manned Security- Mobile Patrols, VIP Guards, Static Guards, Reception Services, Alarm Response Services, Store Detective Services, Event Security and Guard Dog Patrol Teams.
• Security Systems-The Design, Supply, Installation, Monitoring and Maintenance of Access Control, CCTV and Burglar Alarm and Alarm Reporting Systems, Asset Tracking Systems and the Design, Supply and Installation of Physical Security Products and Equipment.
• Other Security Services-Corporate Investigations and Security Consultancy Services, Security Training and the Provision of fully Integrated Security Solutions.
Corporate Responsibility
Safeguard Securicor prides it company on being responsible in how it handles relationships with stakeholders, employees, communities, and customers. The group values illustrate what Safeguard Securicor stands for. Within the group has a senior executive champion that responsible for ensuring the values become strength for Safeguard Securicor doing business.

• BEST PEOPLE- Safeguard Securicor always takes care to employ the best people, develop their skill and ability, provide opportunity and encourage employee to live Safeguard Securicor values.

• INTEGRITY- Safeguard Securicor always trusted to do the right thing.

• EXPERTISE- Safeguard Securicor builds up and shows their expertise through innovative and leading boundary approach to creating and delivering the service.

• TEAMWORK AND COLLABORATION- Safeguard Securicor work together for the benefit as a whole.

• CUSTOMER FOCUS- Safeguard Securicor has good relationships with customers that create trust and work together for the shared benefit in organizations.

• PERFORMANCE- Safeguard Securicor challenges each of their employees to improve performance year by year to generate long term god performance.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is source of strength for Safeguard Securicor and gives the key competitive advantage such as diverse workforce, understand the requirements of customers and recognize opportunities for improvement and innovation. Employees distribute the service that customers relied on keep their assets safe and secure. Success operational will depend on skill to attract and retain talented employee to support the challenges of company diverse customers and continued business development.

As a security company with a clear direction towards usually male conquered occupations, Safeguard Securicor faces challenges in motivating a diversity and inclusion plan. Safeguard Securicor have to think globally but act locally, the HR director takes generally responsibility for taking on some challenges by
• Sharing, identifying, and developing best practice in diversity and inclusion for the businesses.
• Supporting in improving the diversity on their management teams.
• Develop an inclusive work environment in the company.

Health & Safety

Safeguard Securicor are in the business of managing risk, whether that is property, people, or assets. The safeguard security business is challenging and dangerous that need employees work in aggressive environments, providing armed escorts for convoys, clearing mines, and dealing with the fight from rebel attacks. Safeguard Securicor entirely recognize the dangers challenges and work exceptionally hard to ensure that Safeguard Securicor employees will be given proper training, back up support and tools to facilitate them to remove or extensively reduce the risks they meet at work operational.


The meaning of literature review is a “critical analysis of a segment of a published body of knowledge through summary, classification, and comparison of prior research studies, reviews of literature, and theoretical articles.” (Wisconsin). Literature review can be establish by any documents that was published or unpublished, ideas, data collections, information content, written evidence from a other researcher was done they research on certain view in the topic.

Many researchers were done presented on the research of general management focusing on operational control system management. The effective management very important for company to make sure that company grow fluently and minimize risk. According to (Christensen, David S, 1989) Management Control Systems (MCS) theory is a useful integrative tool for organizing, explaining, and understanding the jargon and concepts of performance measurement. MCS theory can help make sense of the criteria by providing a way of organizing and remembering the criteria and the related jargon and concepts.

In 1965, other researcher defined management control as separate from operational control and strategic control. Different categories of control are discussed between formal and informal controls; behavior controls and output; action, clan controls and bureaucracy; administrative and social controls; and results, market and personnel controls (Langfield-Smith, K. 1997).

Management control systems have been recognized as important in the implementation and formulation of strategies (Dent, 1990; Bromwich and Bhimani, 1994). The appropriate design and using management control system is influential in successful consequently contribute and implementation to enhanced organizational performance (Simons (1987).

Simons (1987) anticipated control system for two strategies that would be differing. Simons used the following control system attributes on his study : he use external data, extent and tailored control system, forecast data, intensity of monitoring performance results, goals related to output effectiveness, frequency of reporting, cost control, extent and formula based bonus remuneration.

As a major Safeguard organization, Safeguard Securicor plays a significant role in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people directly through employment and relationships with customers and suppliers, and indirectly through involvement in the communities in which employees live and work (Safeguard Securicor, 2007). Safeguard Securicor strategy is the safety and security of customers, their assets and the general public, so Safeguard Securicor are constantly contributing to a safer society.

Safeguard Securicor is committed to operating to the highest levels of business ethics throughout its operations. Thus the policy covers a wide range of areas including: human rights, bribery & corruption, compliance with the law, accounting standards ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, health & safety, and whistle blowing & complaints (Safeguard Securicor, 2007).

To ensure management in operational control are effective, the businesses’ Risk Assessments and Controls Self Evaluation analysis is reviewed closely and can also indicate weaknesses or issues that need to be addressed (Safeguard Securicor, 2008). This monitoring activity helps to ensure that both managers and employees have a clear understanding of the company ethical standards of operation and the expectations of stakeholders. Management is also given assurance on their compliance with group standards and any remedial action to be taken is identified.

Diversity is source of strength for Safeguard Securicor that gives key competitive advantage. With such a diverse workforce, Safeguard Securicor better placed to understand the needs of customers and identify opportunities for innovation and improvement (Safeguard Securicor, 2008). Employees deliver the service that customers rely on to keep them and their assets safe and secure. Success operational control system will depend on ability to attract and retain talented people so that Safeguard Securicor has the resources to support the challenges of diverse customers and continued business growth.

Research Methodology

Research methodology can be determined as a research methods that researcher will use for getting information from particular company. There are two types of research methodology which is quantitative and qualitative methodologies. These two types of the research methodology will be used during the research. There have particular method of qualitative research which is survey, direct observations, interviews, and analysis of certain material and documents.

3.1 Population

Researcher chooses Safeguard Securicor at Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur as a selected area to gather data information. This selected area is suitable to doing a research because that is the Head Quarters of Safeguard Securicor, Malaysia. From that, the researcher can get a fresh primary data collection from management of the company. The researcher will select the staff of Safeguard Securicor from the middle-level management to line workers. Total of staff and workers in Safeguard Securicor is 400.
3.2 Sample size and Sampling Technique
In order to complete this research and get the required information, the researcher will select 40% is 160 samples from the total staff and workers of Safeguard Securicor, Petaling Jaya.

Sampling Technique
Sample technique can be defined as a segment of the workers that is selected for collecting primary data information. For this research, researcher will use random sampling technique based on probability sampling. Probability sampling is important in social research survey that possible to make inferences from information regarding a random sample to the respondents that was selected.

3.3 Primary Data
Primary data is data that collected originally sources by the researcher. There are the advantages of using primary data for the research.
The researcher may use such methods as:
• Direct observation – Researcher will observe the Safeguard Securicor regarding the management of their system control security in completing the task.
• Surveys – Researcher will write surveys for collect considerable information and detail data. Researcher have to trust the honesty of the respondent in build self verifying questions
• Interviews – Researcher also will use interview in order to collect data information in this research. Interview can be a slow method to gather information, and high cost. Some respondent will show non-verbal communication such as fidgeting, face-pulling, hand gestures, shrugging, and sarcastic expressions. A problem that researcher will face is that respondent might say what they think and they might avoid being honestly in giving information on their jobs.

3.4 Secondary Data
Secondary data is collected from external sources such as internet, magazines, newspapers, reviews, and research articles. Secondary data can be determined as a cheaper and easier method to collect data information rather than primary data. The problem that researcher may face is uncertain often the accuracy, integrity, and reliability of the data.
For this research, researcher use logs to see the feedback from Safeguard Securicor such as fault logs, error logs, complaint logs, and transaction logs. Information and, data objective source can give valuable on the data about system performance for researcher.

Researcher also collects data information about Safeguard Securicor by using both of the method. Some of the information needs to use data from newspaper, journal, magazine, and books and for some information needs to use by observation, interviews, and questionnaires to get all data and information. For this research proposal, researcher will use secondary data to collect the particular information that researcher needs. For the primary data, researcher will use to the next project dissertation for collecting the entire data finding.
3.5 Ethical Consideration

In order to doing this research, researcher the need to follow some ethical consideration to completing data collection. Researcher should give the notice or information referred to do research to get confirmation from Safeguard Securicor to participation in order to collecting data information. Researcher should not give encouragement or pressure to respondent of any kind shall be applied to staff or workers to become a respondent for this research. Researcher must be kept all the data information in strictly and confidential.

Researcher should give any optional to the respondent in answer all the question, such as in order to fulfill the personal detail into questionnaires. Researcher could be careful how question or word will bring sensitivity to respondents. This important because to avoid something happen that would cause physical and emotional.

For the interviews, the researcher should prepare the question and that may be kind of open and unstructured. For the informal interviews, the research will give a freedom to respondents so that they can express themselves without any compulsion. Finally, the researcher should preserved detail of their respondent as much as possible.

3.6 Time Frame
Researcher has designed the time frame as guideline to completing this research proposal. All the information it will illustrate by using Gantt chart.

Starting from 18th November 2009, researcher start to finding the interest research topic that researcher wants doing this research proposal. Researcher takes four days to select a research topic and follows by finding the research objective for this research and finished by 21st November 2009. On 23rd November 2009, researcher starting to collect and getting data information that suitable with the research topic and follows by doing review of literature that taken one weeks to complete the review of literature and finished by 29th November 2009. On 30rd November 2009, researcher starts doing research methodology that taken two days and follows by conclusion that finished on 02nd December 2009.


In this research, researcher explores the effectiveness of operational control system management toward on Safeguard Securicor, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Many factors will effect on the control system management of Safeguard Securicor to ensure all the operational under control. From this research, all the data collection will be use to the next project dissertation to analyze more detail according the Safeguard Securicor manage in their operational.

Safeguard Securicor is one of the big safeguard company that provide security services to such as manned security, cash services, security system and other security services for corporate company. In the line, researcher needs to analyze how Safeguard Securicor manage the thief issues and problems that their face.

This research proposal can be use for investigate how the some company or organization manage and control the operational and situation in handling some task that are given. Some of the company will use the feedback from the customer as a guideline to make improvement on their service. For Safeguard Securicor, as a large company that provided safety security service, important to this company to plan and manage a proper strategy in their operational, so that Safeguards Securicor can avoid and handling bad thing happen and can reduces complaint from the customer.