What earth is like – Biology Creative Writing Paper
Greetings Aliens, Earth is made of billions of organisms ranging in different size, color, and shape. Some organisms have two feet, and others have thousands. Some organisms are microscopic and some organisms can be 75 feet tall. Some organisms are green and others are brown. Some organisms are fat and others are skinny. Some organisms sleep during the day, others at night.

Earth is also made up of non living land masses. These land masses include mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys, plains, deserts, and oceans. These land masses provide the proper living necessities for all the living organisms.
Every living thing must find a way to eat, whether it is hunting, scavenging, or going to the supermarket, organisms must eat. Organisms must have water also. They can go for days without food but without water there is no way to survive. Plants, mammals, amphibians, and micro organisms all need water, or else they will not survive on the planet earth. Only a few organisms can make it to the top of the food chain. Most have to rely on their adaptations to their environment to survive or else they will be eaten. Every day it is a battle for some organisms to just survive. The bigger you are the better off you will be.
To conclude earth is an awesome place. I highly suggest visiting it someday. But you have to remember these basic things I explained, or there is no chance for u making it on good old planet earth.