Defining Abuse

Have you have ever pushed, threatened, or touched someone inappropriately? If so, you have either physically, sexually or verbally abused someone. Generally speaking, the word “Abuse” means treatment of something, such as a person, or thing, that causes some kind of harm or is against the law or just plain wrong. Physical abuse is a form of abuse, which involves contact intended to cause pain, injury, suffering or harm. Sexual abuse is the forcing of non-wanted sexual acts by one person to another. Last, Verbal abuse is when a person uses foul language or says things that threaten or make a person feel scared, which gives the aggressor power over the victim. Sometimes the victim may even die of a severe injury, emotionally or physically, which the abuser has made occur.

Physical abuse may occur anywhere from a high school to you own house. Between midnight and four am, 4 out of every 10 children in the world are physically abused. Striking, punching, pushing, slapping, pinching, kicking, tripping, and strangling are all forms of physical abuse. This form of abuse may cause shaking, scars, scratches or bruises. Physical abusers can be anybody not just dirty people who are perverts. They can be your parents to even your teachers. Physical abuse is one of the most dangerous form or abuse, and it is one of the leading causes of death.

There are many ways to abuse people; sexual abuse is the second main form of abuse. Sexual abuse occurs when an adult or youth uses someone for sexual purposes when they don’t want it, such as rape. This form of abuse also includes oral, anal, genital, buttock, breast contact and sexual stimulation. When sexual abuse occurs, the victim is most likely a girl that is a child or adolescent, and a man or older boy is most often the abuser. One-third of all sex crimes, the victim are males, otherwise they are females. Sexual, unlike most forms of abuses are reported. In some cases, the sexual abuse isn’t even thrown into jail.

If a person is verbally abused since he or she was a child, he or she can get long-term affects. The experiences you go through when you are a child provide a system for the expression of the children’s intelligence, emotions and personality. When those experiences are always negative, children may build up emotional, behavioral and learning problems that carry on during their lifetime. There are many different types of verbal abuses such as threatening, yelling, insulting, and many more. Some symptoms of verbal abuse are headaches, dizziness, and many more. Once this abuse gets to the victim, he or she will be emotional hurt. Once a person is emotionally hurt, he or she may feel that they are not wanted in this world, and may even kill themselves.

Based an the information I have provided, you should realize that abuse can hurt you physically or mentally, and it could potentially scar you for life. Abuse can occur to any body, at any time, and at any place. If you know anyone who is being abused, you might want to help him or her out and try to understand what he or she is going through. By talking to the school guidance councilors, they may offer some suggestions, or even speech to higher authorities. Sometimes talking things though with your family members may even resolve matters. Everyone goes though it once in there life, so if it happens too you don’t worry about it because you’re not alone.