Dapple/Piebald Argument

Let me start by saying, the following information is my personal opinion and response to other, unnamed websites. You can take what I have to say at face value. If you do not like it, that is fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. If you understand my reasoning, great, if not, that is your choice. I would like to say, don’t believe everything you read on the web. For every one website with logical, clinical, and actual correct information, you can find at least one with incorrect information or information where people try to present their personal opinions as gospel without stating that the information is ONLY their opinion.

Ok I am going to pick out quotes from some websites that I have found and refute those comments. Please understand, I am not attacking the person(s) who put these comments on their websites. I am just giving my opinion about the information that is out there. On one website I found someone who says: Any dapple piebald dachshund puppy has clearly come from a puppy mill/commercial puppy producer or backyard breeder. Well to this I have to say BS! There are breeders who actually breed for this color. Yes, it is an unusual color and at the moment AKC does not accept it, but there was a time when AKC did not accept other patterns and/or colors. Who knows, maybe someday they will. If you have a dappled piebald, it is true that your dog be shown through AKC, EVEN if your dog is PERFECT in every other way. The ONLY reason it cannot be shown through AKC is because this pattern is not recognized by the organization. Still, just because a dachshund is showing a mixed pattern does not mean it is not a quality and/or well bred dachshund. I do not actually breed for this pattern but I have had 2 puppies in 8 years that have both patterns. Each of the puppies produced are 100% healthy and neither of them have any hearing or sight problems. I breed for beautiful, healthy, quality, happy, puppies and I believe that I have stood by and accomplished that goal and will continue to in the future. The same webpage that supports the comment above says: Only experienced breeders should attempt double dapple breeding, as deaf and partially deaf puppies may result from this breeding.

Come on, give me a break…why does it matter if someone off the street is breeding two dapples together or if they are being bred by an “experienced” breeder. Does an experienced breeder have some way to insure that there is NO chance that the puppies will have ANY genetic problems because of the duel dapple genes? Do they have a way of placing the correct genes where they want them on the puppy’s DNA so they can be sure the pup comes out “normal”…if they do, gosh spread it around, I would like to know how to play genetic god. In my opinion, if the author of the website that says that dappled piebalds come from bad breeders or puppy mills then how could he/she possibly condone the breeding of double dapples? In addition, the webpage that I am getting these quotes from says: GOOD piebalds that truly look like Dachshunds ARE rare. What the heck does that mean? There are some awesome piebalds out there that have perfect stature for the dachshund. What the heck does the piebald pattern have to do with conformation? It is a PATTERN! He/she says: Piebald is not a pattern which is described by the AKC Official Standard of the Dachshund, but it is an old pattern which has existed from the breed’s early origins. Ok. so if this pattern has been around this long, than why does it not hold the same genetic cues for stature as the black and tan or the red. Geez, this person really makes NO LOGICAL SENSE! This comment is like saying 2+2 equals 4 but it looks like 5 because it has been around so long.

*Quotes taken from a website. I will not disclose this website due to the fact that I do not wish to disrespect the author of the website where I got the quoted information. I am just refuting the website author’s information because I choose to disagree with the arguments that are presented.