Computers Make Life Easier

Computers have made an impact in this world. From the past until the present people have been using computers for many different things. Although, theirs a lot of people who have used a computer; But they don’t understand it and maybe not even appreciate it. Now, what if their weren’t any computers at all? Would you think it’ll be easy? Well, honestly I feel that computers have made our lives easier and I will answer how.

Computers have been in this world since the B.C. Era, with Antikythera mechanism; which was used like a calculating mechanism. They’re were other calculating mechanisms in that era like, abacus which means ‘dust’, astrolabe, and the slide rule. By the 1200’s, a astronomical clock was built called ‘The Castle Clock.’ This device was built to display the zodiac in the skies. In 1890, a Tabulating machine was manufactured by IBM which was used to punch the cards of the U.S. Census that was scheduled for that year. Later on in 19th century, other machines were manufactured by IBM; Like, the Boolean algebra, the vacuum tube, and the teleprinter.

In the beginning of the 20th century, scientists thought of scientific computing which they would call them analog computers; which opened the gateway to digital computers. In the 1940’s, their were many installations of digital computers. One of the installations was Suze Z3 which was manufactured to store memory and calculate. Another installation was Harvard Mark 1 manufactured by IBM and to store numbers of memory and also calculate. Another installation was Csirac, which was also used as the same as Suze Z3 And Harvard Mark 1. Back then, computers were these huge server like machines. By the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s; computers were becoming machines for houses. In the 1980’s IBM invented the Personal Computer as known as P.C. By the 1990’s the P.C. Became a must have and with AOL introducing the Internet, their wasn’t a house that didn’t own a P.C.

Throughout history the computers were being used and only for a few purposes. Those purposes were: to store information; to calculate major numbers; to gather up information and transfer it for one place to another; to get access to the files that they needed; and to do their jobs. Now computers are being used for everything. You can access the Internet, you can type up papers, you can construct a database, you can create a presentation, you can listen to music, and many other functions. Computers have made our lives easier just by functioning and accommodating our needs as to the new technology and the old. Everything we see, do, listen, and feel is just basic computer emotions. I think if computers were never invented then life would not only be hard but it would also be boring. And if you think about it everything is being run by computers.

P.C.’s have ruled the world since men built it. Without any P.C.’s their wouldn’t be any food, their also wouldn’t be any cars, their wouldn’t be any money, and I think their wouldn’t be no world. Think about it, if their weren’t any P.C.’s in the world we would have mostly nothing that we do have now: like cellphones; i pods; digital cameras; cable; Internet; and so much more.