Composition II – Mid Term Exam

Composition II – Mid Term Exam
Part One: Correct or mark mistakes of all and revise at least 10 of the following passages. Please number your answer by order.

1)In such situation, you will really wish that you had four stomachs like a cow. Usually, I will choose the romantic French restaurant, but the south American passion just gets into me. Well, we choose the grill, and the other one can be reserved for some other day…. And so here I am, enjoying the tasty barbecue. This is

how my vacation on a cruise will go. Anyway, I bet it will be fun on this epicurean paradise. Of course, if it would be true.

2)Most of us love sweet food. When we walk by a bakery, we stop our feet and stare at the tasty cakes and bread. We imagine the sweetest taste and get our money out of packets to buy happiness, a piece of cake. Have you ever thought that we can make happiness or even give a surprise for our relatives and friends?

3)Not only does it tell us that we human beings might become cruel to the machines and robots in the future just because we think that they would not feel pain and sad, it also implies how we treat other races.

4)Will was sent to jail after he hit a cop. Lambeaua offered help for Will to get out of jail on the condition that Will had to study math with Lambeaua and met with a therapist. Lambeaua didn’t read many books and have the intelligence like Will, but he knew that Will was a genius who was quite different from others; he knew that Will would deserve a promising future, a much better life than any of his buddies’.

5)The heated bottom bulb will make the air expand in the bulb, and the expanded air consequently forces the water to go through the tube into the upper bulb.

6)Coffee has been planted in many countries, and we can find different tastes from different countries. If you feel that only drinking black coffee is too bitter, you can choose mocha that is very popular and has half of milk and without bitter taste. There are also people drinking coffee when they want to stay up late. Coffee is really miraculous to people. But who found it? There are two famous legends of it.

7)She’s the person who understands me most, the only one whom I truly trust. I want to thank her for all the help, encouragement and happy times she gave me. I want to tell her for the 1,001th time how much I cherish the relationship with her. …But when I sang in front of the people, who really cared for me? To be specific, I can’t recall even once.

8)The pretty woman stayed in town and spent the rest of her life, as most women would do: marrying the man she loved, having children, taking care of the house, etc. As to the two writers, they both left the town for different places to learn the skills for making better music. They set apart from each other and finally lost contact. Although their friendship could not last forever, the funny love story that happened among them would be known and passed down to their offspring through the song.

9)Every one has his own position, so does a country. Most of the western countries might think of themselves as delivers to people in the deep distress when they invade the miserable countries. It might be right in a sense. However, when it comes to the position of the dwellers in Iraq, they think the western countries just take advantage of them with some elegant and stately excuses. Take the revenge of US for the 911 attack as an example. At that time most of the world, narrowly speaking, except the so-called Third World, opposed to it. But people who get used to the capitalism would stand on the side of US in a beneficial point of view.

10)For example, do you know that after a person listens to heavy metal music, he would eat double amount of food than usual? Does this knowledge amaze you? If yes, then I bet that you will find more surprise in Discovery Channel.

11)I have a dream, a dream of having a husband whom I want. I often dream about the situation in a movie “Sweet Alabama”. In the movie, the protagonist is a fashion designer in New York, and she comes from Alabama. She makes her name for herself in fashion circle and does a good job. A senator’s son falls in love with her. He proposes to her and lets her choose the ring she wants in Tiffany shop on the 5th Avenue.

12)Eventually, Chihiro didn’t look back and went through the tunnel smoothly. When I saw this scene, I felt kind of familiar to me. And then I found that I had read a story that had the similar situation: the story about Orpheus and Eurydice in Greek mythology.

13)There will be no one who can make his or her records continue like Yanzi, a beautiful and talented singer. Except herself, no one can replace her status.

14)Deborah is one of my classmates in the university. From once chatting with her, I find how special she is. She is a devout Christian who I have never known before, and so are her families. In her opinion, God is the power to everything. If she is lazy or hesitant to do something, she will recall God’s words or discipline to deal with the problems. Therefore, God plays an important role in her life, affecting her personality and philosophy of life. She is also deeply influenced by her parents.

15)When I first met her I got an impression that she was a long hair, tall, and elegant girl who seemed to be about my age. But to my surprise, after a pleasant talk, I knew that she was nearly in her thirties! Her name was Bellona, an expansive and outspoken girl to talk with.

16)The first time when I watched this program was seven years ago. I was board with two teenaged daughters then in New Zealand. On weekend nights, the two girls would show up in the living room on time, waiting for the show to start. At first, I couldn’t understand their strange behavior. I even doubted whether it was worthy to be watched or not.

17)Both of us were tired so we went to bed soon after taking showers.

18)Parrots are strongly fond of snacks, especially the nuts and sunflower seeds. You can simply call their names and give them food. As time goes by, they will get used to your whispers.

Part Two: Choose one from the following topics to write a short essay (around 1000 words, viz., about two pages). Be sure your composition is in standard English, well organized, and free of mistakes either in grammar or spelling. (title 5%, content 15%, diction 5%, structure 15%, style 10%, 50% in total)

1.Look at your future. What will, might, should it be like? Write about what you should, must, can do now in order to make your life what you want it to be.

2.Describe an ideal person, place, or object, for example, an ideal leader, an ideal world (a Utopia?), an ideal cell phone, etc. Be sure to give details and specifications (say, geography, climate, social customs, rituals, and so forth).

3.Write about SAARS, the War in Iraq, or any kind of crises. How to deal with the problem? Give explanations, solutions or advice to your reader. Use pronouns “I” and “You” in your essay.

4.Write about two historical figures from our country. Give your reader information about their lives and accomplishments. Compare or contrast them.

5.Introduce some people who were/are popular in Asia (e.g., singers, movie stars, political figures, etc.). Assume your readers are completely unfamiliar with them.