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Compare and Contrast Puritan Life With Todays Society Essay

Compare and Contrast Puritan Life With Todays Society Essay
The English Reformation had an origin in its roots which was puritanism. When King Henry VIII stoped being with Roman Catholicism, his daughter, Elizabeth I formed the Anglican church. The Anglican Church was a chuch free of Catholicism and there was no Catholicism control over

it, but many members of the Church felt that it had kept too much of the Catholic ritual and tradition. Anyone that believed that there was still much Catholicism was a purtian, beacase a puritan was someone that wated to purify the Anglican church by getting rid of all Catholicism . Puritans believed that everyone should experience God directly through faith, prayer, and studying the Bible. A new group was made as certain puritans wanted to reform the Anglican church but many puritans didnt think that would have been possible, so they formed an independent congegration with their own minister known as Seperatists.

When puritans were able to establish a new conolony in Massachusetts Bay, they were unsuccessfull of creating a social equality or political democracy. Most puritans didnt even try to work on democracy, the puritans were satisfied enough of having to vote every year for members to make laws, which eventually turned out to be the government. While this system of government was running, the government and church became tight friends. Both the church and the government have made laws that drunkenness, swearing, theft, and idlenss were terrible sins.

Puritans were very strict about having a family, families were almost always being observed by other people, to make sure everything was going allright. If parents didnt discipline their children properly then their childrens would go to “God-fearing” homes which was absolutely horrible. Whenever there would be too much quarrel between a wife and a husband, then most of the time the communtiy would take action against them and take them to court for their wrong actions. Puritans always made sure that their environment was going well, and that their community was “perfect” in a sense that everyone worked hard, disciplined, did what they were suppose to do. Puritans were into working hard, and when a family would get a child they wouldnt really care about the action of the kid untill it became 7 years old. Once a child reaches age 7, he/she had to be disciplined very strict. Puritans always held religous sermons and had large plantations were they grew their food.

Today in modern’s society, life is totally different. Depending what country in the world a person lives in or how rich or poor a person is, is a big effect on modern society. In Austria, when children are born, their respective parents take care of them from the time they are born to the time they are left alone, or when they are dead. Children also have the freedom to go outside and play with others, no matter what age they are, they dont always have to work everyday hard, or they dont have to have a religion. Parents will usually give their children the freedom to choose what they think is the right way, and they will always love their kids, no matter what they do. They will also punish their children if he/she does anything bad, but they wont convict their own child to the public that he/she is a sinner. When they get punished, parents would ground them for a specific time, or have them do some small job, compared to the puritans, they would have to work on the field all day or do some kind of an extreme job.

Parents in the modern society, usually work about 8 hours a day and most likely 5 days a week. They get a pay check and they can take any job that would best fit them and that they most enjoy to work. Puritans had to work on the field the whole day, and possibly 7 days a week with no break. Modern society has made the life for humans a lot easier, by having technology advace, increasing life styles, having people be able to entertain them anytime they want. The people can also feel safe, since there are a lot of laws that protect them from crimes, and in case of a crime, there are securities, cops, some one provided by the government to help anyone that is in need. Puritans would rely on the bible, and have faith in everyone that they wouldnt commit a crime, and be as “perfect” as possible, which in modern society is not the case. People have different religions and think different ways, they also come from different countries and are taught differently than other, which means that most people cant rely on others being “perfect”.

Modern society is also very different from the early purtian life by technology. Technology makes almost any society unique, providing people with homes, electricity, a clean city, warming, entertainment, etc… Technology has made the life of many people easier, machines would do almost all the hardwork while humans would do easy jobs. Puritans had to work all day in the hot sun farming, and had to continously do loads of other hard work which made their lives hard and tough, while machines for modern society made lives simple.

Life in modern society is a lot easier than the puritan life, but there isnt as much “love”, or respect, discipline, etc… as there was in the puritan life. Puritans were all well trained and strictly followed their religion, while most others dont really bother about what religion they have in modern society. Life in modern society can vary from country to country, it can either be good or bad, and depending on how hard you work, life can be miserable or happy. Similar to the puritan society, the harder a person works the more fulfilled the persons life is, but in modern society it usually is that the harder a person works, the more money he/she would get which a person can live more luxury and will be happier.

Life between puritan and modern society is mostly different in many ways, but there are also similarities. Modern society has also accepted a few life styles from the puritans and also have changed a lot of that life style. Every person also has their own thoughts about how modern society is lived by, because it is lived in so many different ways, compared to the puritans, which they basically did only the same thing everyday.