Child Abuse – Creative Writing Essay

Child Abuse – Creative Writing Essay
The sun was setting and the sweat on the boy’s forehead was dying away. He was certain that he would get to have dinner tonight, that his step mother would be proud; After all he had stolen 5 pounds, a cell phone

and a silk embroidered jacket. He had arrived to his door step. He looked up into the sky and pleaded for a chance, a chance to eat, a chance to live like a normal child. With a sigh, and crossed fingers behind his back. He entered the house. Screams barred the walls, and as the special needs association entered the house, the kid was being thrown around like a butterfly with no wings. A woman, his mother was seen behind him, barbarically trusting a baseball bat against his chest. How could it be his mother? …

Every year, millions of children are abused, tortured and forced to live in homes where they do not belong. Whether it’s because they are adopted or whether it’s because their parents are alcoholic, children have no right to be treated in that way.

Statistics have shown that more than 40% of special care victims are due to abusive treatment. They have also proved that most of these victims were abused without fault. A child’s mind works like a machine. Their thoughts, hopes and dreams are physiologically built. If they were to be raised up in such harsh conditions where home was prison, the children would suffer mentally, physically and emotionally. This includes lack of self esteem, education, and the chance of becoming intolerant, arrogant and abusive when he/she grows older. This is not all however; bullying is a quite a significant issue when it comes to dealing with abuse as it can lead the child with no friends, therefore affecting his/her education and a risky future. Research has shown that children suffering from child abuse may be described as experiencing trauma-attachment problems. The trauma experienced is the result of abuse or neglect, inflicted by a primary caregiver, which disrupts the normal development of secure attachment.

A child of abuse is scarred for life perhaps not physically, but certainly mentally. Thoughts like contemplating suicide, stealing, lying, loneliness, and treating others the way the child was treated become a primary source, a want and a need.

A lot of measures have been taken to prevent child abuse from happening however, a lot more needs to and can be done. Firstly, all parents should be notified and should be taught that their children are blessings and that abusing them in any situation will prove nothing but inhumanity. Secondly, if children are to be adopted, there should under go various processes and should be reminded that if parents are adopt a child, he/she should be treated like every member of the family. Thirdly, child support organizations and various support groups should take notice of this issue.

The boy had repeatedly been beaten as he had not stolen more than 5 dollars. What could he do? It was to happen and so it did. The child crouched up into a cocoon, waiting to be set free. At that moment, a group of people arrived in black suits with gun. The mother stopped and looked at the woman unknowingly. She backed off, knowing that she was going to get arrested. The child lay there and there at that moment a tear strolled down his cheek, a tear of joy. It was a new beginning to a new journey. He didn’t know what it would be like however, one thing was set for sure, it would never be like the journey that had just ended.