The Border Fence Argument

The talk of a border fence can be heard in all aspects of life. Opinions on the matter vary, but there are basically two sides. One group argues to build, the other screams not to. This paper will try to explain both sides of the equation by exploring the minds of some of the people leading the debates.

To begin with let’s look at the pro-fence argument. The well publicized Minutemen are considered by there peers as being on the front line on this issue. What is surprising is how so few of these people want recognition for their actions. There is hardly a single name available in the works cited on

their website. However, their ideas are prevalent. They think that it is of utmost importance to build this fence for our protection, as a country, against terrorism and the influx of illegal aliens. (Minutemen Border Fence) With the help of congressman like Duncan Hunter the minutemen and their supporters seem to gain steam and move on with the building of border fences. Hunter has a website devoted to keeping the public informed on the progress of the border fence and his efforts to keep the project rolling. (Hunter) These people are sincere in their concerns about border security and feel they are doing a public service by insisting that the fence be built and the illegal aliens and terrorist stay out of this country. The crime rate in border towns being well above average, and the crimes committed by illegal alien’s fuel this volatile situation even further. (Border Fence Project.Com)

In addition to the previous arguments, other supporters believe that the fence would supply jobs to some Americans. (Border Fence Project.Com) With the economy going the way it is, this argument may appeal to some. This is not a major reason, but it does weigh on the minds of a few fence supporters. With the construction it would take to build a fence of this length one must assume there would be many openings for work.

For a change of pace let’s discuss the anti-fence movement. Most of the people on this side cry of the legality of a border fence. Many laws have been ignored or changed so that this wall could be built. For instance environmental laws have been waived by congress in order to complete the border fence. (Liptak) On top of this Homeland security flatly says it will go around state and federal laws to in an effort to finish the fence. (Marosi) With this kind of blatant disregard for the law and absolute inconsideration for the people there is no wonder why many are turned off by the department’s heading the fence project.

Another topic for consideration is the effect on the economy if illegal aliens no longer bought or sold goods in our country. The tax revenue on sales are said to keep some of the border towns above water. Without that revenue many towns would either have to raise taxes, or cut back on many projects such as road maintenance.

In conclusion, the widely debated fence is being built whether or not you like it. Agree or disagree, our government has seen this as a must in today’s world. The powers that be are willing to break their own laws to get the fence built and the best thing we could do is accept it. What other option is there? After all we did elect these folks to do what they feel is best for us.

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