• War in Iraq

    We got into a war that had no meaning. There was no weapons of mass destruction and Husein was not a part of the threat. The real threat was with Arafat and Acadia. We chose to detour around the source of the problem causing many lives to be lost for no reason.

  • Drugs, controlling the trafficking

    I believe the curtail of submissive drugs anywhere should become illegal. Drug trafficking involves negative criminal activity where ever it is. Drugs involves gangs and gang violence. The thought of allowing drugs filtrate near neighbors fowl represents in a negative manner. For example; drug use in America has filtrated havoc and hatred wherever evil lurks.

  • Africa, providing aid.

    I believe everyone in the world is entitled to clean air and water and a bill of good health in the pursuit of happiness. America is a first world country that has all of the above that matters in sustaining a good bill of health. Other countries like Kenya and Ethiopia do not have access…