1. Briefly state what the soliloquy in Act III scene I 47-72 means, and what it adds to the play. After Banquos departure from the castle, Macbeth begins a soliloquy regarding his fear towards Banquo.Macbeth's fear for Banquo roots from the prophecy that the witches gave Banquo, telling him that he will be the father of kings.Macbeth is frightened of this, becuase if it were to come true, his will be a "fruitless crown," implying that Macbeth would not have an heir to the throne.This Soliloquy makes Macbeth's decision to murder Banquo concrete, due to the fact that within this soliloquy, Macbeth deduced that it was either that he murders Banquo, or Banquo's prophecy will come true, erasing the possibility for an heir to Macbeth.