A young boy gets out of bed in the morning still hungry from the night before. There wasn’t any food in the house because Daddy has been out of work for almost a year and they don’t have money to buy the basic needs. A few days ago he witnessed strangers coming into the house and taking the furniture because Mom and Dad couldn’t pay the balance on a loan. He gets dressed for school by putting on clothes that are two sizes too big for him. Today is PE and he is supposed to have gym shoes but the only shoes he has are oversized “clod hopper” boots Mom picked up somewhere for free. He knows he will be teased by his classmates for his dress and derided by his PE teacher for his boots. He is hoping there is at least some cornmeal to make mush for breakfast because he is really hungry. There isn’t. He needs speech therapy because he stutters so badly sometimes his parents cannot understand him. Teachers get frustrated with his speech and ignore his questions. Where is the money to come from? Mom and Dad can’t buy enough food for him and the other five children much less luxuries such as doctors, dentists and speech therapists. He goes to school hungry, feet hurting, and dreading interaction with his schoolmates and teachers. He only goes to school because he is forced. The highlight of his day is lunch because he is a lunch room worker and his lunch is free.