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Artificial intelligence

With all the different things in the world that change day by day, some can beone can encounter positive and some can be negative changes. Due to the fact of breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the effect on the job world and how National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) contributes to the growth and positive reflection of Artificial Intelligence, it seems as though AI will definitely be a positive change. The future of the Artificial Intelligence is getting stronger and stronger as each day passes. With the unemployment rates still around 5.5% and decreasing from previous months, Artificial Intelligence is mostly a positive negative change on the outlook of the job market because of the advancement of technology. As NASA is the leading space aviator in the country, there is no one else fit to gain, boost moral and contribute towards AI. Artificial Intelligence will be one of the top technological necessities in the near future.

As time, seasons, and technology change, so does the definition of Artificial Intelligence. “Artificial Intelligence, in light of this definition of intelligence, is simply the application of artificial or non-naturally occurring systems that use the knowledge-level to achieve goals” (Newell). The easiest definition to believe in is that AI is any machine that relates to a human if it’s through a program. Artificial Intelligence is “the ability of a computer or other machine to perform those activities that are normally thought to require intelligence” (Dictionary). Some machines were and are built to make our lives easier, keep us alive longer and stay healthy.

“The only everyday ‘robots’ so far are things like car-building machines in Detroit, Sony’s Aibo plastic dog, and mini-moon rovers that crawl through blast sites. Is the definition of the word robot ‘any machine that adjusts its own behavior according to feedback from its sensors?’ If so, thermostats, microwave ovens and light-sensitive patio lights are robots, too” (Pogue).

With all the technological advancements everyday, Artificial Intelligence will improve over time.
Artificial Intelligence is not just a machine that not only performs futile activities but can also provide useful help in lawenforcement, construction, cleaning, entertainment and medical services. The law Enforcement enforcement type is widely used as a robot that sees and moves into a territory to capture a video of the suspect or suspects. Another example of AI is used in law enforcement when Policeofficers get around streets, airports and sidewalks with the all newly invented Segway. With the use of the Segway,
“You’re looking out above the crowd, you can see blocks ahead. It’s like you’re Shaquille O’Neal on wheels” (Mensching).
Another type of military AI is Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) which has recently come to the front stage of research. These are small, lightweight devices that fly without operator control, thereby making them autonomous. Unmanned Air Vehicles are remotely piloted vehicles and robotic aircraft. They can be drastically cheaper to develop, build, and use than manned aircraft, which require sophisticated life support systems.

With Artificial Intelligence being used to enforce laws, why not for construction? The answer is that it is already being used for construction with the back up of NASA. With multiple robots attacking one large pile of steel or any material it would be faster then if humans tried since the robots are stronger, smarter and group relating with all of the other robots.

The Center Load behavior is activated when the force in the gimbal on either of the rovers exceeds a specified threshold. The corrective procedure, the lead rover performs its correction while the follow rover waits. When the lead rover has completed its correction, the rovers reverse and follow rover performs its correction. (RCC)
You can’t seem to walk or drive anywhere without at least one person in a hurry. With the right equipment you now can vacuum your house when you’re on the go and shop at your favorite mall or sporting goods store. The Roomba is “a 3-inch-tall U.F.O.-like disc about a foot across – now in red or blue with black accents – that scuttles across floors and carpets, both sucking up dust and, with a spinning brush, whisking away bigger chunks of detritus. When it runs into something, it smartly rotates forty-five degrees and marches off in a different direction” (Pogue). Now with a robot that is considered Artificial Intelligence cleaning your floors for you while you’re not at home or near it, if that’s not amazing then what is?
The next big type of breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence is that it’s being used to entertain humans all over the world. The aggressive progress of technology makes nearly every game a new beginning. Artificial Intelligence is very dependent on concrete details of the game environment. AI techniques can be applied to a variety of tasks in modern computer games. A game using networks to predict the player’s next move in order to pre-compute graphics may be on a high Artificial Intelligence level. Although AI must not always be real, the desire of Artificial Intelligence in computer games is primarily related to guiding non-player characters to make the game more entertaining.

Yet another breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence is in the Medical medical field. With a surging elderly population in many countries throughout the world Artificial Intelligence will rise to unprecedented levels. “These advocates see robots serving not just as helpers–carrying out simple chores and reminding patients to take their medication–but also as companions, even if the machines can carry on only a semblance of a real dialogue” (Glick). The new addition for the elderly to live longer, stay healthy and be mobile through the use of robotics. The ideal results will be a major savings in medical costs, reduced burdens on the family and caretakers. Yasuyuki Toki, a researcher at NEC System Technologies, thinks emotional attachments to robots must be studied carefully.

The future of Artificial Intelligence is in the hands of this generation and how it will impact the world. The world will not be the same today as in the futurewill not be the same in the future as today due to the technology boom, the creation, and ability to give AI “legal and ethical status to our here-and-now legal institutions” (Sokis). It has been said many times that by the year 2050 that our way of living and how we provide meals for holidays will drastically change due to AI. With the advancements of Artificial Intelligence “We will be sitting down to eat a synthetic turkey, with a robot helping out to prepare the trimmings” Jane Wakefield of BBC News Online states (Wakefield). There will also be information systems that will have real-time instructions that will monitor the cooking to make sure that it will not burn up like your Aunt’s meals every family gathering. By Christmas day 2050, through Artificial Intelligence, the atmosphere of the holiday by Christmas 2050 it will all be all about the presents and nothing about the religious beliefs that have founded that surround the day. holiday. Some predictions for the future Christmas Christmas’s is are talking Barbie dolls which are able to respond to their owners and construction sets where the children will be able to design and build anything they put their minds to imagine..

With a new technology boom on the way and needed more then ever, it gives AI a great chance to experiment and develop some very useful and practical ideas for the near future. With the ability of purchasing groceries, clothes, automobiles and even houses in the luxury of your own home while wearing only your underwear is simply amazing because of the internet. The purchasing power of the internet has closely become a routine for many people all over the world. “When demand increases in one place, its consequences can be felt efficiently, and immediately, elsewhere. Wal-Mart led the way with it’s long-ago deal with Proctor & Gamble automating shelf replenishment, but now that is also routine” (Kirkpatrick). The development of a program to distinguish what products need re-ordering and what products are expiring is impressive.

Technology is not always a positive according to some people. As Mr. Heberling, a teacher at the local Webster Thomas High School and the head of the Science Olympiad team, has stated, that there a few negatives possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. In the interview with Mr. Heberling, the answer to the question of:I asked him how he saw AI in the future for himself. He responded, “ “How do you see AI in the future for yourself? The answer was “A bad thing, because humans could eventually have the ability to lose control of the robot, whether they reason or not.” Mr. Heberling is not the only person who sees the advancement of Artificial Intelligence a negative issue. Another question asked to Mr. Heberling was,: Whatwhat are some concerns that you see with the advancement of AI? The output was, “Robots possibly and able to make decisions without human intervention, especially if biological.” Some say in the future robots will take us over and there is no way of stopping them.
The ever so rise of machines will one day over power the ordinary job tasks that a few individuals think that are annoying and tidies. Even though “the aliveness’ into everything we do, and let electronic systems take over the dead, dull stuff, Samson says. winning Winning strategy for the information age is to inject ‘Richard Samson, author of the forthcoming book called ‘The Human Edge’, is convinced we are teetering on the precipice of an employment revolution for only the second time in modern history” (Crozier). The electronics revolution is a threat to the brain power of the human race. Many individuals have already been replaced by a machine. Take automobile manufacturing for instance,. The auto makers now have robots that do these jobs; paint the cars, weld, build assemblies, Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) milling, assembly line functions and Armature winders. With all the jobs that humans once had getting thrown off to the side by the robot that will never stop unless broken, complain to the boss, take a break, and never walk away from the job.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) contributes to the growth and positive reflection of Artificial Intelligence with the donation of more then $666,000.00 each year towards For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) to more than 111 teams and 5 events. The FIRST Robotics Competition is an exciting, multinational competition that teams professionals and young people to solve an engineering design problem in an intense and competitive way. The people at NASA also bring not only satellite broadcasts of the regional competitions and the nationals, but also the kickoff, which marks the start of a new season. NASA not only does the FIRST program but also the Botball program which gives students hands-on learning outside of the classroom to build and program a team of robots also project management skills that will prepare students for the workforce. NASA also has a Robotic Construction Crew that builds and constructs objects while computing with other robots.

Many might ask what’s with all the talk about robots and Artificial Intelligence when we are not going to be taken over by an object that we have made? The answer is it that we have a chance to be taken over by robot might but, the realistic point as of today is that we will not be taken over by the creatures that we have developed happen and it might not happen; all we can do right now is wait and hope it doesn’t happen in the future. The future of AI looks bright and hopeful. While the breakthroughs are outstanding and don’t lack having the ability to do anything that we can put our minds to, AI is an endless supply of vast knowledge getting pout into a program to make our lives easier and better. Maybe in the future due to Artificial Intelligence we will be playing a sport on segways or a hovercraft type robot to score a point. The future could also lead to robots that will patrol our streets and keep the human police officers off the dangerous streets from being shot or dangerously injured. Possibly those same robots could be building our houses for us with out one single mistake or failure. It is not very hard notice once you walk through a well developed mall that you notice at least one video game store. The video game industry is a vast array of Artificial Intelligence that entertains people who enjoy sport games, first person shooters, role playing, and any other kind of video games. With all these people who enjoy video games, they will also enjoy all the different types of AI gifts for the holidays like a talking Barbie dolls which interact with their owners and construction sets that allow the user to build anything that will interact with the user. The medical purposes will let our mothers, grandmothers and pets live longer then they do. Artificial Intelligence will allow robots to keep an eye on our elderly and take care of them when needed. The effect of all this new technology to the world is mainly positive but also negative at the same time. Once we start replacing people at jobs with robots our unemployment rate will increase and will suffer a moderate depression even though the AI will also bring new jobs into the market. The only bad thing with the new jobs into the market is that the people who have lost the job will have to be re-educated and trained for the new jobs that interact with the robots that have taken over their job. Artificial Intelligence will be one of the top technological necessities in the near future because of all the breakthroughs, the increase on the job market, the inevitable technology boom, and all the contributions that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration bring to Artificial Intelligence. The world will be a better place and an excellent environment for future inventions, creatures, and even war now that Artificial Intelligence has an impact on how we will live and interact with the environment. As the technology boom declines we will be left with nothing that any person could have expected in return, a new outlook on life and how we see the world.

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