What Are The Causes of Teen Violence – Communications Essay

What Are The Causes of Teen Violence – Communications Essay
Nowadays, Violence happen more and more frequencies. A big part of the violence is caused by teenagers. Teen Violence already becomes a big issue in our society. Family poverty, peer pressure and Medias are the three main elements caused Teen Violence.

Firstly, family poverty is a reason causes teen violence. Some of the parents are not harmony with each other. They always argue even fight with each other. Their attitudes can influence children and cause them become easy to get impulsion. Also, some low income family can not offer their children what they want. Therefore, in order to get more than their parents can give, some children begin to steal or rod someone else for money. Furthermore, some parents do not educate their children also a reason cause teen violence. As we all know, parents are our first teacher; they teach us how to live and how to get along with others. In some family, parents do not take care of their children and never teach their children about Moral ethics. Therefore, their children grow up in a uneducated environment, they do not know what is right and wrong. As a result, they may do something illegal and cause violence.

Secondly, pressure from peer can also cause teen violence. Sometime teenagers want to please someone, but they are luck of money, they may use a illegal attitude to get money such as selling drugs. Besides, many teenagers getting involved with gangs, they just do what others let them to do. if their friend want them to do something bad, they will do it. Moreover, some teenagers can not get along with others. They always have a negative attitude towards other people and sometimes they may do something cause violence.

Last but not the least, Medias is another factory of causing teen violence. As we all see, there are more and more violence movies come out every year. The producer want to let their movie become splendid, they always use many violence and blooding scene such as war and killing. This will give teenager a wrong signal that violence are some kind of exciting and cool things to do. Besides, there are more and more sports violence on the TV such as fight during a hockey game or basketball game, there also some shows just about fight such as WWE. All those programs will give teenagers some kind of sense that violence is common. Although movie and TV are the Medias spread violence scene, however, there are many negative articles about teenagers also may cause them to do something violence. Some author does not care about their feeling; just write some articles to criticize teenagers. Those may also cause their resentful and make reprisals on those adults.

Inclusion, teen violence is a serious issue in our society; in order to reduce teen violence, parents should care more about their children and teach them how to be an upright person. Also, our society should give teenagers more understanding and adults should do more communication with them, to know what they think about..