AmeriCares Organization

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to help provide access to medicines across the world by contributing to AmeriCares organization. Contributing to AmeriCares can help break the cycle of diseases and death that affect millions of women and children.

I. For every medicine or drug that helps you recover from your sickness, there are millions of women and children are dying from the very same disease or virus.
A. Forced to take refuge in temporary camps, two million Sudanese without homes are greatly influenced to many diseases and illnesses.
B. Places like Senegal, there is only one doctor for every 2,000 people where not much attention is given toward health care for the elderly.
II. By making a contribution to the AmeriCares organization, children across the poor countries can receive the attention and medicine they need for survival.
A. Children and women in the millions are suffering from lack of food, health care, and shelter.
B. Today, worldwide one billion people lack access to sanitary drinking water and in each year, 2.2 million most of who are from developing countries die from diseases associated from poor water and sanitary conditions.
C. In total, eleven million children die annually and 26 million adults die are dying from the same diseases.
III. Today, I would like to encourage you to become active and make a difference in the lives of millions around the world through the AmeriCares organization.

I. Millions of children in developing countries struggle because there is a lack of medicines and health care.
A. Most of the women and children come from countries from the Middle East including Lebanon and Syria, and Asia including Cambodia where people can not afford health care, and in Mongloia where 24% of the children under the age of five lack Vitamin D meaning many children have bone problems.
B. Women and children struggle because of the medicines are not available within 100 miles, medicines are counterfeit, and or too expensive for those who are in need.
II. Lack of food causes malnutrition.
A. In 2004, 40% of children in Vietnam under the age of five are underweight.
B. Since then AmeriCares and the GAO Diem Foundation dropped the percentage from 41% to 14%.

I. Groups and organizations such as AmeriCares can help break the terrible cycle of deaths of women and children across the developing world.
A. Each $100 donated enables AmeriCares to deliver more then $3000 in emergency relief, including medicines, medical supplies, clothing, footwear, blankets, and nutritional supplements.
B. Since its founding, AmeriCares has provided more than six billion dollars of aid to 137 countries all over the world.
II. AmeriCares humanity also reaches in the United States.
A. Reach out to the uninsured to through AmeriCares Free Clinics
B. Those in need of home repair due to damage from hurricanes and earthquakes are helped through AmeriCares HomeFront
C. To those children infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS work through the Camp Amerikids.

I. AmeriCares has an impressive record for being a truly effective organization.
A. AmeriCares has extended out to 137 countries to aid in relief of six billion dollars.
B. Internal and external organizations that help AmeriCares ensures that all of the funds are properly received and managed for each child or adult in need.
II. AmeriCares was recently rated a four out of five star rating for being one of the most efficient charities in the non profit sections.
A. Donations of medicines, medical supplies, and other relief materials come from some of the most highly respected pharmaceutical companies and other corporations around the US and Europe.
B. Two warehouses, one in Europe and one in the U.S. store materials and make them available for immediate and continual shipment by sea or by air around the world.

I. I encourage each of you to make a contribution effort to the AmeriCares organization.
A. Each dollar donated helps victims of land disasters, and diseases get there attention that they need and deserve.
B. More than 1000 corporate sponsors have partnered with AmeriCares to provide life-saving aid in the form of medicines, vitamins, surgical and hospital equipment, disaster relief supplies, water purifiers, and vaccines to those in need.
II. As the AmeriCares model states, the success of AmeriCares has been characterized by the response, meaningful impact, high integrity, and passion for the work of the people in need.