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About Christianity

All Christian religions strive for the same goals to live their lives for God or the Holy Spirit. Over the years, members of religions have interrupted the texts differently from other members. This has caused many members to start or find new religions where the religion believes the same ways as they do. Some feel if people are true to their hearts and

love all humankind, as God wants them to then it does not matter what religion they belong. Others feel God judges people by their actions not what religion they are. Christianity is the largest religion in the world. People look to God for answers, help, and to find meaning in his, or her life.

Christianity is the largest religion of the world, and has followers from all over the world. Christianity started in Israel. Christianity has survived for 1800 years and today translated into many different languages (Parker T., 1996). On the Believe Jesus is the son of God, and he will forgive humankind of their sins. Jesus is the savor of all humankind and died for the sins of others to please God. In Christianity, there is only one God, and he will return to take his followers to his kingdom of heaven. Sunday is a day of resurrection, confession, and prayer. Followers of Christianity live his, or her lives by the teachings of Jesus through the New Testament, Old Testament, and the Trinity. There are many different religions associated with Christianity such as Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. Each branch of Christianity has different rules and laws, and members engorged to follow. Christianity is made of many different religions combined into one for the same believes and goals. Through the years of Christianity, the meaning is different in parts of the world and practiced differently by the followers. The name Christianity is the only thing that is the same. The interpretation of the words God spoke is different in every set of eyes of his followers.

Of all the religions and members around the world, 33 percent are Christians (adherents, 2007). Christians believe there is one God, and he created Earth, all humankind, and wilderness. Even though Christianity is the largest religion, many people argue that the faith is full of myths and no facts to back them up. One of the biggest myths is Jesus was born by a virgin by a miracle of the Holy Spirit. Another myth is he went into the desert and fasted for 40 days with no water or food. Many believe there is no way even with the help of God anyone could survive this long. Another myth is that Jesus walked on top of water. To other religions, the Christian faith is nothing but lies and false hope. To Christians believing and hope is what will get one to heaven.

While researching Christianity a local pastor took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about Christianity. There were 10 questions asked to the pastor. What does Christianity mean to him personally? Answer= Christianity has given him a believe system, an organized life with meaning. God made him, and loves him for who he has become. Christianity has given him the feeling usefulness with his life, and has helped change rationality with others believes. Is Christianity more than a religion in his eyes? How or why? Answer= yes, what religion means to him: humankind’s attempt to connect with God. Please God and become one with the lord. What distinguishes Christianity from other religions? Answer= Jesus paid for the penalties and sins of others, to please God. Christians accept and forgive others of their sins. They believe within his, or herself without God their life has no structure. How and why would someone want to join this religion? Answer= anyone wanting a live change, and deciding to give themselves to God. People join the Christian faith for purpose and structure in their lives. To join all they need to be being true to themselves and live for God and the rules he has set forth. Is there a particular time of the day that members pray? How do they pray? Answer= members can pray anytime they feel the need. There is no certain time of the day that Christians must pray. Christians are suggested to pray anytime members are making a life changing decision or any major decision. When members decide to change jobs many pray to God to see them through this time. What are some of the rules that members have to follow? Answer= In the Christian religion there are no mandatory rules members must follow. Members have to believe in God with all their heart. Mathew 22: 36-39 (love the lord their God and others) sums it up the best for all Christians. Can anyone join the Christianity religion? Answer= Yes, anyone can join the Christian religion no matter the color of skin or ethnic group he, or she belongs. People who believe in God and are willing to accept him into their hearts and souls are welcome to join. Since becoming a Christian has he been treated differently by members or friends of another religion? Answer= at first with friends that where nonreligious, and members of other religions. His parents where Roman Catholic and told him he was going to hell for joining a different religion. This made no sense to him after going to ministry school and finding out that Roman Catholics are a division of Christianity. People who are uneducated on religions treated him deferent. Is there a particular way that he would try to convince someone his religion and believes is the right way to god? Answer= Yes, sins puts them in hell, and breaks the faith between God, and themselves. Joining the Christian faith allows them a chance for forgiveness from God. Describe to people the changes that have taken place in his live since he has given himself to God completely. Do members of his religion have the freedom to figure out what is true, and what is not? How does his religion handle question about Christianity believe? Answer= Yes, all members have the right to figure out what is right and wrong. At his church, they have discussion groups once a week to discuss Sunday’s services and he is always open to answer questions of members who are confused about the scripts and service. In this, church members are encouraged to discuss with one another what passage means to them personally. To him understanding what the passage means and putting it into an actual life experience from the past or today is one way members will truly understand the passage. Having open discussion is another way he sees if the way he is preaching is right for the members or if he needs to change his way of preaching or teaching the word of God.

The Christian religion and Islam religion differ in many ways. Islam is the second largest religion in the world with 1.5 billion members, which is about 21 percent ( Muslims believe as do Christian Jesus is the son of Mary, but Muslims do not believe Jesus is God. Jesus is one of Gods prophets just as Mohammed. Christians believe Jesus is a Trinity, three people in one (Legenhausen M. Dr. 2007). Muslims must pray five times a day, in Christianity there is no set number of times a day to pray. Muslims govern themselves by the laws and believes of Allah; the 10 Commandments govern Christians. Both religions agree on some believes such as the importance of family, fair treatment for all and living their lives for the King (God or Allah).

One of the biggest differences between Christians and Muslims is the education of the two religions among the members. Christians state that Jesus is the son of God, while others call Jesus God. Muslims state that if Jesus is the son of God then he is a prophet just like Mohammed not God. This is one reason Muslims believe Christians are living the life of lies and false hope. Christians believe Jesus is the only way to salvation, as Muslims believe Mohammed is the only way to salvation. The one thing both religions can agree on is that in order to get salvation members must follow the laws and believes of the Holy Spirit or the all mighty one God or Allah. Both agree that the prophets are the true messengers of God and the only way to get into heaven is to follow the laws and believes set forth to them by these prophets.

Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion still practiced today. Hinduism believes in more than one God. In the Hindu faith, believe in continuing cycles of birth, life, death, and rebirth. The souls and spirit of every person is eternal in the eyes of Hindu followers. Kama, artha, Dharma, and Moksha are the main goals of life in Hinduism. Hinduism is different from Christianity by not being slotted into any central believe system (Das S., 2008). Hinduism is a way of life not believes of one individual. Members of the Hindu faith believe in truth, honesty, non-violence, and prayer.

With the question of Christianity true or false and Mohammed being the last prophet, Hinduism could become the largest faith in the world. Hinduism strives from many different religions and faiths. Believes of Hinduism are the same as many other religions. Christians believe in being true to oneself, and Hindu followers believe that the actions of one will get them to heaven or the afterlife. Both faiths are different in so many ways but the same in other ways.

In any religion there is going to be disagreements between them. The laws and rules one must follow will be different. The biggest thing all religions can agree upon is that their members live for the creator of land, water, humankind, and heaven. No matter what the religion one is born, lives life for the exceptional one, asks forgiveness of sins, and prepares for resurrection. Education will play a big part in the future to understanding religions of the world. When members become educated to the laws and believe of another religion, he, or she will see that most religions are very similar in origin. God wants his followers to be true to one ’s self and follow his, or her heart, treat others with respect. Many religions disobey this rule by telling members that other religions are not as superior as their religion. Believe and hope for a better life after death is the main goal of most religions. Older believes and practices changed in Christianity and so will the future. Only time will tell if Christianity can survive the same believes and practices of the future followers.