As companies find that sharing ideas creates a more productive work environment, they are encouraging their employees to work as a team. Effective communication is a key element to build among team members.
Discuss the three most serious problems you have identified in the case. Defend why you think they are the most serious. One of the Hewlett-Packard’s most serious problems is its lack of management. CEO Carly Fiorina didn’t provide enough direction. The strategic vision she was using to guide the company was unclear, and nobody in the company has any idea if it was being carried-out or not. Without a well-defined strategic vision for the company, employees had no motivation and no sense of organizational purpose. As a result it can lead to a number of symptoms such as poor image, slow growth and a decline in sales, which is a direct connection to lack of leadership and imprecise strategic vision.
Abstract: The article of this term paper is about teenagers. You will discover inside the two physical changes that teenagers undergo that are the development of primary and the development of secondary sex characteristics. In addition, you will discover the psychological changes that occur in teenagers which are either due to those physical changes or due to the family (parents and siblings) and the environment (society and culture). Moreover, you are going to get more acknowledged about the different kinds of identities that they develop as they are growing up to become mature adults in addition to many problems that may face them.