Video Gaming Technologies (VGT) was established in 91’, the business was after the gambling market. [adsense:336x280:1:1] With the development of the Treasure Quest and Black Jack Machine the company flourished. By 96’ The Tennessee based company had a new location in South Carolina where the bulk of the machines were built, tested and sold. As the company grew VGT started outsourcing the production of the machines to a company in Ohio, which were then sent to South Carolina for testing and the computer system to be installed. By 99’ the laws in South Carolina changed forcing the company to restructure the way machines were manufactured and sold. Locations in Oklahoma and Ohio soon opened but the quick decision has some problems the Ohio location was not ideal for VGT due to laws and cultures. The company now still has the Oklahoma location and the main office in Tennessee. The South Carolina and Ohio locations were closed.
The industrial and communication revelations have changed the face of our country. Electronic media captured a vast mass in India and gave a phenomenal growth in last decade, leading to a huge impact on socio- cultural understandings. Thus the impact of electronic media, especially radio and television, has to be seen in the background of our tradition and value based social structure.
Executive Summary This marketing plan has been prepared, taking into consideration the current economic situation. This weighs in heavily in every aspect of the plan Our luxury travel market has become quite challenging to operate and we have to take into account of what has been working for us and what has not been working for us. In order to survive, we might have take some steps that we might not have considered before.