Mexicans immigrated to the United States back in the 1800’s (Stanford, 2006). In 1848 the United States took over a part of Mexico which is not the Southwest (which is where I’m from, The Rio Grande Valley). Hispanics living in these areas were Mexican citizens before the acquisition. The United States even went into agreements with Mexico to have Mexicans work in the United States. Mexicans were treated with cruelty, while working the agricultural fields for years. The United States made several agreements with Mexico to have the Mexicans come to work in the US while American soldiers were fighting in the world wars. The labor shortage that the United States went through was reason enough to have Mexicans migrate to the United States as laborers. The United States found there was a need to have Mexicans come fill in for the labor shortage but they were no longer needed during the depression of the US. Not only were Hispanics send back to Mexico, but Mexican-Americans were sent back as well because they were no longer needed. My culture has suffered from prejudice and several other discriminations such as the dual labor market, redlining, affirmative action and reverse discrimination.
“Strategic competitiveness can be attained only when the firm’s selected structure is congruent with its formulated strategy” (Gomez-Mejia et al., Chapter 7, pg 28). Kudler Fine Foods continues to manifest growth based on Mrs. Kudler’s original vision of a one stop gourmet food store. Having direct control over hiring, ordering and customer service, she has built the company into an expanding entity. The following is a discussion of strategy implementation, technology and opportunities, strategic recommendations and external forces to be aware of.
In networking terms, topology refers to the virtual design of network. It tells us how the computers will be connected to each other using cables. To create an office LAN (Local Area Network), we can consider following one of the LAN topologies: