Portfolios and standardized testing are two ways of assessing individual progress. Portfolios can be used to assess students on an individual basis, but this type of assessment may be difficult to use to compare one student to another. To make it standardized across large groups of people in a meaningful way could be too subjective. Standardized tests like ACT and SAT are generally better at comparing one student to another because they minimize the subjectivity. Standardized testing can be used as a system to assess students from different schools. Different methods of assessing students are useful in a variety of settings and for an assortment of purposes.
Imagine it. The sounds of your family and friends cheering you on as you walk across the field to receive your diploma. The thought of a better future for you and your parents crosses your mind likes speeding vehicles on a highway. My journey on this road to success was here, all the late nights and studying finally paid off. The reason I attended college was not a question anymore.