Day: May 22, 2009

  • Biodiesel Research Paper

    Abstract Based on findings by Oliveira et al (2007) and Kondamudi et al (2008 ), this paper aims to outline the socio-economic and environmental benefits of producing biofuels from the waste products of the coffee industry. On average, a fifth of all coffee grown in Latin America is defective, (Oliveira et al 2007) and cannot…

  • Mc Phail v Doulton (1970)

    Q ) ‘It seems to be as plain as can be that if all the objects are not ascertainable, then to distribute amongst the known object is to take a narrower class than the settler has directed and so to conflict with his intention.’ (Lord Guest (dissenting) in Mc Phail v Doulton (1970)).

  • Gilgamesh – The Quest for Immortality

    The Epic of Gilgamesh provides an account of a leader’s relationship between his subjects’, his friend, the gods, and himself. Through the relationships, Gilgamesh sets out on a quest to find immortality and ends up finding much greater virtues, which are respect and the understanding that although he himself is not immortal, civilization is.