While discrimination in the workplace has become more difficult to identify, Americans can rely on several federal laws that prohibits job discrimination. In the hiring and terminating process, employers need to be fully aware of the correct legal course of action to avoid discrimination practices. John is an employee in a private sector organization that has strong resistance to enforcement of existing discrimination laws. He wants to file a discrimination complaint against his employer. Based on this scenario, the entire discrimination complaint and civil litigation process will be discussed as it applies to an employee and employer in a private sector organization.
I have been involved with Daystar Childcare since I was six years old. As a matter of fact, some of the daycare’s original toys were stolen from my personal collection. My mother has served as co-director for the entire 10 years in which the daycare has been open. My brother also worked there for a short period of time after he graduated high school. When I was younger, I attended the daycare periodically when my mother was working. Even today, I still go there to hang out with friends that currently work there, and to play with some of the kids that I have grown to like.
Flying across the water, the wind in your hair, the warm sun on your skin, boating on the Chain-O-Lakes is a leisurely way to spend your day. Riding on a boat, however; is only one of the things you can do while enjoying the Chain-O-Lakes. You can also enjoy fishing, water sports and of course there is plenty of sightseeing and people watching. While there are many different types of boats on the Chain-O-Lakes, my favorite type is the powerboat. With the rumbling big engines and the noisy exhaust systems. You can smell a hint of gasoline in the air when filling up the tank. The wind whips through your hair as you speed through the choppy water. You can even enjoy racing other boats down the river, knowing you are going to have a great time on the Chain.