Day: May 13, 2008

  • Joseph Stalin Childhood and Early Years

    Joseph Stalin, probably the man with the highest record of mass murders in history, with about 20 million deaths1, posed himself as the man who would take Russia from its bad government and wars to restore it and make it an advanced country. His desire of greatness and possession made him commit terrible crimes in…

  • Open Homosexuality in America

    For my research paper, I intended to find out how the percentage of open homosexuals in society has changed over time in America. I would also like to know whether certain states in America portray drastically different percentages of homosexuals in comparison to one another. In our ever changing, and seemingly ever developing nation, just…

  • JP Morgan Chase – Information Systems Business Case

    Questions Task One The case study gives an overview of J.P Morgan Chase’s move back from outsourcing. Discuss their Information Technology and Information Systems Strategy in relation to their business requirements.

  • Impact of Technology on Everyday Life

    Technology today touches everything we do. You never know how much something can play a major role in your life until you sit back, relax, and sit right in front of the computer and access the internet. It can be beneficial in your family, business, and personal life.