When I read on the course syllabus that the first short assignment of this course will be writing a review for a performence of Richard Wagner's three-act, romantic masterpiece: Tristan and Isolde, I was ecstatic. I've always enjoy love stories, but even more so when it is put into music. To me, love and music are like two pieces of puzzles that completes
All Christian religions strive for the same goals to live their lives for God or the Holy Spirit. Over the years, members of religions have interrupted the texts differently from other members. This has caused many members to start or find new religions where the religion believes the same ways as they do. Some feel if people are true to their hearts and
The aim of the essay is to discuss what are the factors that affect our perception of people, and some of the elements that impact our accuracy or otherwise of first impression, and how perception effects the decision-making process in the first few moments of contact e.g. “first date”. Why we all have first impressions of someone we just met in the