In our earth, all the energy comes from the sun. This is known as the radiant energy which keeps the earth warm enough to live. The earth’s mean temperature changes only slightly from one year to the next. This
Example of Stanford University Personal Statement Thoreau suggested making our lives simple by simplifying our possessions. Possessions do not only limit on concrete objects such as physical object that we have such as jewels or money, but also have a meaning on abstract concepts such as friendship, love that you obtain from the relationship with other people.
Taxonomy: The Nicotiana tobaccum plant (smoking tobacco) comes from the kingdom Plantae, and subkingdom Tracheobionta (vascular plants).It is also a Spermatophyte which mean “seed plant” and is also considered a Magnoliophyte (flowering plant) Its subclass is Asterides, and comes from the Solanaceae family (potato family). The plants genus is Nicotiana (tobacco) and similarly its species is the Nicotiana Tabacum (cultivated tobacco).