The Spirit of Islam - World Religion Class Essay Omid Safi is a professor of religion at Colgate University. Safi comes from a long line of Islamic poets. He is an American but spent the first years of his life in Iran with his grandfather who was an
Quarks and Creation - World Religion Essay This week we listened to John Polkinghorne speak about similarities that progressive science and theology share. Polkinghorne served as Professor of Mathematical Physics at Cambridge University, and is a Fellow of The Royal Society all before becoming an Anglican Priest at
The Meaning of Faith - World Religion Essay Sharon Salzber is a Buddist teacher who studied in Asia and soon after brought the teachings to the US in the 1970s. In 1976 she founded the Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts Salzber considers “Faith” an
The Power of Fundamentalism - World Religion Essay Khaled Abou El Fadl is a leading Islamic scholar and authority on fundamentalist culture. He is also a professor of law at UCLA. Abou El Fadl grew up middle class in Kuwait family and then later moved to Egypt. He
The Death Penalty in America - World Religion Essay This week’s show involved asking religious persons about their perceptions of the death penalty. It is very interesting that religious language is used on both sides of such a discussion. New constitutional challenges have been fueled by DNA testing and this
Children of Abraham - World Religion Essay Bruce Feiler is a journalist and author of several books, including Abraham: a Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths and Walking the Bible. His books explore Abraham, the common patriarch of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Abraham was born sometime between 2100-
Children and God - World Religion Essay Robert Coles, a Harvard Physiatrist authored The Spiritual Life of Children after going back through his work with children realizing the common threads of spirituality among all children. Children by nature are questioning and curious about our world. Where we come
Approaching Prayer - World Religion Essay Most of us say we pray regardless if we are religious. This week’s focus is on opening up the subject of prayer. How it sounds, what it means, and why we do it. Prayer comes from the Latin root meaning to plea. Some say that prayer is done by action and just with words.
The Scrum Methodology - Current Issues in Information Systems Essay Scrum is a project management technique used primarily in software development. Scrum adopts its name from a rugby term where players huddle together to move the ball forward up the field while pushing against the other team in the same formation. This comparison is quite natural because the scrum style of management is very team centric as apposed to more traditional forms of management that rely on continuous approval and directions from a single team lead. Managers who engage a team with this type of project must be very hands off.
"SCRUM - An Agile Process" - Information Systems Essay Scrum is an agile process designed to help manage and control software development work. It applies to both regularly develops products and those which require constant adaptation to business needs, technology availability and reliability. However, Scrum is suited best to new product development rather than extended development realizing that speed and flexibility of methodologies like Sashimi where the importance of high quality and low cost project phases have been reduced to four: requirements, design, prototype, and acceptance. Other companies took one step further, reducing the phases to one and calling it Scrum.