Documentary: 11th hour by Leonardo DiCaprio

The documentary 11th hour by Leonardo DiCaprio was very insightful. DiCaprio’s focus was to let us know that the earth is in a critical time. Failure to act immediately on the earth’s global issues will be fatal to the world as we know it. Thinking of the earth as an infected organism is a great way to get people to under stand the damage we are inflecting on the earth on a daily basis.

Climate changes are to be closely watched as the earth continues to heat up due to global warming. Melting ice caps and glaciers are being watched carefully for this is a direct sign that the earth is heating. More and more hurricanes, monsoons, and tornados are devastating areas that are heavily populated. These storms are getting stronger and more frequent as the earth heats up.

The massive deforestation that is going on in the rainforest and other parts of the world is not helping the balance of the earth. Once these forests are cut most of them do not return leaving the area barren. The soil in these area are stripped of their nutrients. most of the areas are then transformed in stumpy deserts. Also by cutting the trees down the surrounding areas can be damaged; the trees are no longer there to absorb large amounts of rainfall, this will create flash floods and mudslides.

DiCaprios main focus in his documentary on the earth was to get every human on the planet to realize that it is their responsible to reverse what is happening to the earth. Every person changing their patterns will change the earth in a positive or negative way. Our generation needs to change our way of producing energy and find different and more productive resources, and become waste free.