Why To Live in Paris – Creative Writing Essay

Why To Live in Paris – Creative Writing Essay
Paris is, indeed, one of the most beautiful cities around the world. Firstly, the city is geographically located in the middle of Western Europe, very close to other important European cities. In fact, from Paris you can

rapidly arrive to London, Zurich, Amsterdam or Rome, among many other places of interest.Secondly, the old Lutecia has became during the last centuries a centre of culture and the stage of relevant historical facts. Within the city’s limits, Paris can nowadays proudly exhibit the traces of two thousand years of civilization. From the Roman Empire to our days, the inhabitants of Paris have seen as relevant the architectural development and the growing of arts and they have made a lot of efforts to enrich their buildings, streets, squares and public facilities.

Throughout the centuries, the capital city of France hosted the most representative artist of their respective times, in every expression of Fine Arts: Leonardo Da Vinci, Rodin, Mozart, Isadora Duncan; María Callas or Cortázar, among hundreds of artists that have been born, or even lived or died in Paris. Personally, I always liked all the expressions of arts and wandering in Paris’ streets has been an unspeakable source of esthetic pleasure. I am convinced that it is not necessary to visit any of the marvellous museums in Paris to enjoy the works of those artist: round around the less expected corner you can find a Rodin scupture or an overwhelming cathedral or even a little orchestra playing Debussy in a square. You merely have to walk and look around to feel yourself touched by beauty.
But Paris is not just a city of artists. It is the political and administrative heart of a powerful country too. Paris is an important business centre and thus the classical world shares its spaces with modern life without bothering to each other. Financial and industrial neighbourhoods -such as La Defense- give Paris a peculiar strenght that makes this city be a very active, cosmopolitan and confortable place to live. In Paris you will find excellent restaurants, nice cinemas and fabulous theaters. There are hundreds of shps where it can be found the best clothes, foods, books, furnitures or any other articles from France or from everywhere around the world. The city’s transports are also very efficient and, in general, the city is very correctly managed. The suburbs are quite nice too, if you do not or cannot live downtown.

Most people think that Frenchs are not gentle or that they do not make feel strangers fine. I disagree because I did never experience any disgusting treatment in Paris different from the treatment I may receive in Buenos Aires or Miami. Perhaps those who have been born in Paris are colder than other latin persons but once you understand their way of thinking and acting you would probably find them generous and sympathetic. In addition, not only French people live in Paris but also a bunch of different ethnics groups (especially muslims or natives of former or actual French colonies in America, Africa and the Pacific).
That is why I think I would like to live in Paris. If everything goes as I expect, I will probably spend most of my time there when I will get my retirement.