Why We Study Humanities

One of the reasons why we study Humanities is to make people educated, cultured, civilized,socialized and refined. It is needed to respond to a rapid a social change. Without Humanities accompanying with the changes would be difficult for everyone. Life and society have different beauties that should be

learned. Humanities helps to appreciate the beauty before our naked eye. It helps for the acceptance of individual’s differences. The acceptance that makes the society balance and harmonized.

Humanities V is an art. Art is the reflection of the skills an individual possess. Arts have different elements, the visual arts, the performing arts and the literary arts.

Visual arts is the art focusing in the visual aspect. Artist under this quoted, “I think, I see”. They are the painters who paint pictures from their own imagination, the sculptors that draw and carve from original designs of objects, the architects that plan and design the buildings, private residence and any establishment and the photographers that capture scene in its best angle.

Performing arts make use of their hearing sense. They say that, “I think, I hear”. Thy are the dancers who move their body artistically, the choreographers that compose and teach dance moves, the singers that represent stage talent through signs of music and the actors that express emotions and feelings based on the role they play.

Literary arts is a communication skill and make use of their mouth. They always say that, “I think, I write”. They are poets and writers that express their ideas through rhyming words, short story, novels, epics, biographies and essays.

For a semester that I’m taking Humanities V as one of my subjects, I have learned just enough to change myself for the better. Upon learning the different topics, I do learn more about myself. I have a talent to express and be proud of and not to be ashamed of. I am unique individual that contributes to the society even in single ways. To live free is to live without any hesitations and doubts. To respect you, is to respect others for they are the reflection of our being.