Where To Carry Out Your Internship: Small or Large Company? – Business Essay

Where To Carry Out Your Internship: Small or Large Company? – Business Essay
I would rather carry out my internship in a large company. When jobless is important, we prefer safety and comfort t of a large company against the risk, the fragility of a

small one. Of course, they are advantages and inconvenient working in a small or a big one but there are more advantages than in small one.

Even if large companies know difficulties in this time, they dismiss a lot like General Motors or France Telecom. On the contrary, small companies don’t dismiss but close and disappear. Although we can be laid of, we have luck to keep his job. It is better to work in a large company. Moreover large ones seek specialized jobs and small ones prefer general jobs because the hierarchy is stricter in large one. In a small, we need people can doing anything. Nowadays, students make long studies; they go on in their disciplines to be master, to get more knowledge in their future job. They have a good idea of their job. They specialize themselves to work in a large company. Nowadays, there are two ways for future life. As we get specialized, we have the choice between work for a large company because we are specialized and we correspond to their hierarchy and the choice of create its own business, work in small one and learn to make business.

Also there are some advantages working in a large company. Although it is more passionate to work in small one because there is a complete work to do to get grown the small business, we are sure in a large company to have private life, to go home at certain hours. On the one hand, the hierarchy is stricter in a large business than in a small one. On the other hand, it is maybe more preferable than to get freedom because we don’t have to be efficient in all jobs in a big one at contrary to a small one. Indeed, we have to make several things, it is more stimulating but also more stressful. If we don’t forgive mistake in a large one, it is forbidden in small one because it is the life of the company at any act.

To conclude, the question is not to know f we want to work in a small or in large company but to find a job, to be happy in it and to make passionate things.