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Students Evaluating Teachers – Education Essay

Students Evaluating Teachers – Education Essay
It is a general fact of education that more and more academic schools encourage students to evaluate and criticize teachers in order to improve the quality of

education. I agree insofar as it is beneficial for students to enhance the critical thinking, while others think that it will contribute to a loss of respect and discipline.

I concede that academic schools are on the correct side of this issue. After all, the quality of education is the final objective the schools pursue to. It is appropriate to assign to a high priority to the quality of education than to other accessory aspects, such as profit, enrollment. Moreover, this incentive spawns great advantage for the students, which is to enhance the capacity of independent thought, subjective judgement, emotional response, and so forth. Also, the teachers might benefit from these criticisms, which could help them to make possible universal access to their students’ information directly and accurately, and which could serve to put them more in touch with their foibles of teaching.

Nevertheless, we are doing more to it irrespective of whether this incentive is acme of perfection from all aspects, the disadvantages of which can be bifurcated into two parts. One is that it may affect the routine of teachers, for the compelling reason that the dogma of criticism might be received continuously by the teachers, who are less concentrated on teaching, and whose energy may be susceptible. Another is that more and more criticism from the students may do a disservice to the confidence of teachers and give them less respect and discipline.

To sum up, given above all reasons, there are considerable merits of both sides. What I suggest to do is make sure that while improving the quality of education, the academic schools should consider respect and discipline as the important factor, the function of which serve as important catalyst for adjusting both students and teachers’ behavior and facilitating the studying and teaching effectively and efficiently.