So Easy To Give Up – Creative Writing

So Easy To Give Up – Creative Writing
Some years ago, I was the kind of girl who wrote diary every day, and this habit accompanied me for quite a few years. Life in those years were not so colorful, so things written down in the diary were those like “Chatted with xx

today about the origin of the universe.” or “Came across a handsome boy but unluckily he did not want to know me.” and so on. But I was that time abundant with thoughts, and I would write about anything happening on me to thousands of words. Apart from things like “I lied to mom today, and I promise this would never happen again”, there were quite a number of this kind of diaries. But unfortunately I did the same thing again the next day. I also said that “From today on I would never play computer games, because it is time for me to have a change.” But every time I saw the computer, I totally failed.

Give up? That was the main clue of my college years. I was so good at giving up and so used to it that I never felt ashamed but proud of it. That was because I could always find reasons for my giving up. I gave up again and again, from lying, playing computer to life and love. My enthusiasm faded away year after year, and my obligation disappeared. I did not know what I should do and what I could do.

Gradually, I feel not used to talk about “obligation”, however, I used “idea” to replace it. So I am often asking and being asked “Have any ideas or not?” when hearing somebody talking about obligation on campus, I would feel so uncomfortable and even a little bit superior because I consider obligation as a naïve thing. I began to concern about the tiny profit and loss in my life, to measure the distance between men, and to talk about right and wrong. Breadth of mind is becoming narrower and narrower, and mood worse and worse. So what is wrong with me?

Haven known the sharp drop in my study, one of my college teacher, who had been concerned about me all the time, wrote a letter to me, expressing his astonishment towards me. His tongue of sadness and grieve moved me till today, and I have to bury the feeling of regret ness down my deep heart. There was a sentence in his letter which impressed me so much. He said, there is something in your life which you can not get again if you give up them once. I know what he meant by this. Man’s ability is limited, if he would not try his best in his prime time, what can we expect from him?

I have watched a Japanese movie. It was boring. But there was a sentence in it which I can never forget: “There are no dress rehearsals in your life. Every day is a living broadcast”. Indeed, we always think there is a day for the living broadcast, so everyday we indulge ourselves in the dress rehearsals, but life, unfortunately, was consumed in these usual days. In fact, everyday is so important and it can not be repeated. To treasure every minute, and to build up my obligation to get close to it. This is the modal of me when I am now in my third year of college. No high-sounding, but never to give up! And now, at least, I would not be satisfied to choose my occupation, to choose my family, to choose a big color TV, to choose health, to choose dentist insurance, too choose my beautiful suit, to choose the boring TV programs, and to choose my life. May be you will say life is just like this, but I will not believe in that!