Signficance of Good Service Backup In Technical Industry

Signficance of Good Service Backup In Technical Industry
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Business success depends on elasticity, preparedness to respond to changes in environment, readiness to learn etc. But all these things are not enough if a company

doesn’t have a good service backup. Industrial companies are not flexible enough, rely on technological aspect and they often forget about consumer’s contentment with the product which leads to unsuccess.

Successful companies offer good service backup – before and after sale – which is important for making a good bussiness, for consumer’s readiness to buy the product and for consumer’s contentment after buying it. Backup service after sale demands long-term activities such as qualifying workmen and researching consumer’s responses. Most expanded and also important service backup is qualifying consumer to use the product wich leads to good marketing. Other important service backups are also guarantee, security, overcoming language obstacles etc.

Service backup is exceedingly important for proper and safety use of the product, and it can also remind the consumer of advantages of the product, such as uniqueness and quality control.

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Though many industrial companies forget about consumer’s contentment, the most important thing (beside development etc.) is service backup which leads to good business and consumer’s satisfaction.

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While industrial companies try to assure competitive position, they rely upon technological aspect of the product and overlook their service component. They are not aware that service component means effective strategic tool with which they can gain, in most cases even without greater expences, decisive competitive position and they can overcome their competitors.