Something that you have to know if you are planning to move to Puerto Cortes (Honduras)

Puerto Cortes is a small city, but despite its smallness has many interesting things to offer to the tourists and to the people who live here.
You will always have something to do. It is a nice place to live and also there are some situations that you most take into consideration, but Puerto Cortes is and will be one of the nicest places in Honduras.

Living in Puerto Cortes you will always have something to do, and places where you will find joy and relax, also you do not have to worry about the traffic jams, due its smallness everything is near and you do not have to travel long distances to go from a place to another. Although there are a lot of mosquitoes due the wetness of the air and the swamps in some areas but this is something that you will fix easily with a repellent, also you have to be prepared because it rains frequently, but I am almost sure that this is something that you will overcome easily, besides this Puerto Cortes is a city in which you will find fun and relax, and you will never be bored.

In Puerto Cortes you will find many interesting and funny things to do every day and especially in the summer season. During weekends you can visit the beautiful Cathedral, the central Park that is considered one of the most beautiful of the country, located in the downtown area it is a place to have fun with your family or friends, also you can go to the theatre, eat food at restaurants or food stand in which you can find good food and entertainment.
I addition there are many beaches and other places to have fun nearby the beaches. Following the east along the shores of the Caribbean, you will arrive at the Garifuna communities of Travesia and Bajamar. These two are some of the most important Garifuna communities in the country, and reflect the interesting live culture of this people. Every year, a Garifuna dance festival is held in Bajamar. Besides the beaches there are now a variety of adventure mountain bicycle tours available in Puerto Cortes. Right before arriving to the community of Travesia you will find the hotel and restaurant Fronteras del caribe (probably the best food establishment in this part of the beach), it is located on the beach under some exuberant Coconut trees that will entice you to set up a hammock and relax under the cool tropical trade winds!
If the weather is hot and you do not have any money to spend in restaurants you have the beaches near your neighbourhood, so you can go there to have relax under the coconut trees along or with your family and friends.