Learned behaviors-feral children and other cultures

The study of feral children offers evidence that all of our behaviours as human beings is learnt.
The feral children were afraid of artificial light, living in the forests they were not used to artificial light, in fact they preferred the darkness they could see more better as they were used to it.

They were afraid of humans and kept a good distance and did not show any affection, attraction or curiosity towards humans because the only time they were ever in contact with them, the humans probably had guns and were shooting at the wolfs and seeing the wolfs always keeping a distance between them they did the same.

They did not use any tools not even a stick because they lived with wolfs they were not shown how to use any tools. They did not walk upright they walked on both theirs hands and feet because the wolfs walked like that they tried to imitate the wolfs. They did not laugh, sing or show any emotions again as they were with wolfs they didn’t learn how to, which is evidence that characteristics such as laughing and singing is learnt. They did not use any language, make any noise or gestures to communicate, they did not point at any thing or directions, or even nod their head in agreement or disagreement. Again as they were living with wolfs they did not speak or communicate in any language because the wolfs didn’t speak the feral children did the same.
They ate by pushing their faces into the food and drank by lapping from a bowl. The feral children imitated how the wolfs would eat they would eat live animals.

All the characteristics and behaviours the feral children portrayed were all learnt. The study of feral children shows how important the environment and surroundings are and who your brought up by makes a huge difference.

One planet, different world.

By the Indian tribe offering and making tea it shows how it is a common practice offering tea to your guests, although in different societies it might be done in different ways such as offering sweets instead of tea, The significance is not the tea but in offering the tea, it is a way of expressing glad tidings to your guest that they are welcome.

By the Indian tribe walking naked, It should not be seen as something strange or peculiar because to them it is normal it might be due to the hot weather but you must understand they have always seen each other naked all the time so for them to see someone not naked would be strange. For them it is normal.