Things you do to keep fit

Keeping fit means keeping you in a good form, and it includes body, mind and spiritual health. These three elements we have to take care of are the base of living a healthy life, for being able to live it fully.

One thing you can do for your body’s health is trying to do sports. You can try jogging, swimming, roller-skating, dancing etc. This helps you control your weight and brings your metabolism to a normal level. It’s very important to give your body the best treatment because health is on top of anything else. You can’t enjoy life as much if you’re an unhealthy person. Besides sports, there are also other methods of keeping your body fit. There are some pills made from natural elements on the market that can help you, and you can also take vitamins and medications when you feel sick. Another good thing for your body is not becoming dependent of smoking, drugs or alcohol.

As for your mental health, it all consists in reaching to the ‘happy’ level. You must have enough rest to be able to concentrate on work or other activities. Sleeping enough is very important but there are also other methods you can apply, for example playing chess helps you improve your concentration, while playing pool stimulates your ambition. Watching good movies, documentaries, reading books are also sources of knowledge and can help you keep your mind healthy and rich.

Spiritual health is also very important. To avoid depression you can learn how to calm down in hard situations by listening to good music, doing things you like. Friends can help you with advices; their presence in your life is the key for feeling accomplished, for a good spiritual life. Having someone close to you who sustains you makes you confident.

If I were to refer about myself, I can say I like keeping fit and I’m following pretty much of the advices I mentioned earlier. For having a healthy body I take vitamins and dancing when I’m alone in the room (you don’t have to be a dancer to know dancing).For my mental health I learn a lot, face with difficult exams and have to be concentrated. My spiritual life is full of music, friends and joy and hope to be like that forever.

There are also moments you keep these three elements on a bad level, but you can’t always keep you body, mind and spirit on good levels, although it worth’s trying.