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International Educational Week Journal Entry – Creative Writing

International Educational Week Journal Entry – Creative Writing
International Educational Week is a great experience in every exchange student’s life. It helps us understand and at least start thinking about things that we would

never think about, just living and doing things like we have done before. It helps realize a lot of different things and this is my story. First time when I got papers about International educational week I thought that it will be boring and useless spending of my time. But when time comes, we always improve or change our point of view.

This was one of the greatest experiences in my life. When I started collecting information about history and culture of my country, it seemed rather difficult to me. How and what should I do to make my presentation interesting for American students? I had found these answers and even didn’t recognize that. I was spending my time, searching for more and more interesting facts. I couldn’t imagine that it can be so interesting to find information and describe my own country. I learned a lot about the history of my own country, being thousands miles away from it.
My host parents were interested too. They asked me a lot of questions about my project, helped me in difficult situations. A lot of students in my school were excited by the coming presentation. Most of them only knew that Russia is the biggest country in the world.
I had spent a lot of time, doing this presentation, but it worth that. It is so interesting to learn a lot about your own country and to teach all other people near me. So, it takes time, skills and hard work.

And the moment comes. Presentation is ready. You know what you are going to say, you are ready to answer all kind of questions and you are sure that everything will be good . . . Excellent! And you are standing and feeling the moment, you have been waiting for so long. You are standing in front of people that don’t know anything about your country and they will remember all the details of your presentation, they will ask questions. And you are happy, because they like it, they like to learn something about different culture, different people. And after that, they go home, tell everything to their parents. Then you understand that you did a great work. Work that helps us being together and understanding each other on the new level of relationship. The name of this level is “Friends.”

When you start your presentation there is nothing except you and people in front of you. The entire presentation passes like a second, and they applause, because they like that. They want to talk to you. They want to ask even more. Not now. Later. Share it with their friends and relatives.

This is the way to peoples’ hearts. I need to tell them about my country, my people, history, my family, friends and my way of life. It is like building a bridge. You can’t do all work doing it from one side. I had learned a lot when we were comparing our countries. Besides, we had found a lot of similarities. That makes us even closer friends. It was interesting and a great experience in my life.

As I said before, International Educational Week is not only a great experience in your life. It is also a lot of fun, knowledge, new friends. It seems to be hard at the beginning but then you even can hardly notice hoe quickly it is finished. You share your culture with other people and learn even more because you get knowledge about your own country and United Sates too. This is the best thing that our placement organization can do for us. To make us think wider, so we can use every moment of our life in the United States. This is a big bridge that connects two banks that are far away from each other and make them as close as possible. It helps us understand each other much better. And I feel like a builder. The builder of very good type of relationship called Friendship.