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For Gun Control Legislation

Discussing gun control in America
Fear is in the eyes of every American citizen. Never knowing what this world can throw at you. Every citizen lives his or her own life thinking they are protected from by local law enforcement . With the numbers of them decreasing, do to the lack of funding and slow economy, crime is on the rise and where do you look for protection? Many would say owning a gun would protect his or her own family from every danger that comes there way, but with the locals laws and the ever going debate of gun control is trying to give up these rights to the average blue collard hard working Americans that work for every hard earn penny they own.

Ever since this great nation was founded by are founding fathers ” The Right to Bare Arms” has been a right given and granted to every American citizen. With the times changing rapidly and sick human beings taking advantage of this right to own and operate guns, they believe we need to enforce more strike guns laws. Which is completely understandable. Yes, they need to be out of the hands of citizens who are convicted with crimes and already lost their privilege to bare arms. But changing the whole system and making it harder for citizens who obey by the laws to bare arms is outrageous.

Many stories from time to time explain owning a gun is better then not having a gun at all. If you never use it, you know it is always there. Many cases have shown your everyday average citizen saving a life by taking there own action to stop a criminal from harming others citizens do to the fact, if they stopped what they were doing and didn’t act on the situation and called 911 for law enforcement to get on the scene. That person would already to dead by the time they got there. I mean statics have shown that there is 1 police officer for every 23,000 people in this country. Now how can that 1 police officer protect me.

If a criminal is wanting to get his hand on a gun, there is not a doubt in my mind he will get his hand on one. Either somewhere on the streets or friend of a friend. They are sick and will do whatever it takes. The problem I see is that, state by state laws are different. If a criminal cant purchase and gun without consenting to a background check in Ohio, but can go to Indiana and get one no problem, what does that solve. The laws for criminals should be forced upon to every state.

I do say with many other hard working blue collard citizens that a gun would protect my family and I from any immediate danger. But if your going to make laws that is going to make it harder for a non criminal citizen who has never broken his or her right to bare arms to get a hold of a gun is just not right. Enforce if harder for the people who lost there right, and push harder to get all the illegal guns off the streets so they will be out of the hands of criminals and in the hands of people who clearly know what is right and what is wrong.