Fulfilling Your Academic Goals – English Essay

Fulfilling Your Academic Goals – English Essay
The more you learn, the more impressed you get by all the possibilities there are available for an individual in order to fulfill his or her academic goals. All through my high school years I wanted to become a classical musician. I spent hours practicing my instrument and I decided to take a step further by joining a more demanding musical in order to improve my

technique. By that time it seemed that my life was determined, I was to become a violist and perform countless musical pieces all through my adult life.

However, as I gained more experience in the musical field I realized that what I wanted was an experience to perform major symphonic works and chamber music, which I already had the chance to do. As time passed by and the time for making my college applications approached, I had second thoughts about my intended major and I decided to join a university without declaring any major. It can be seen in my academic record that I have been in different fields, trying to figure out what fitted me the best.
Despite the fact that my academic life seemed promising, considering that I performed well under different areas of study, I felt empty. I could not find something that filled me and made me fell a more complete individual. I needed some time to reflect on my strengths and find an area of study in which I could free myself and study with motivation and complete dedication. Finally in 2002 I decided to study science back in my hometown of Ponce, Puerto Rico. It felt good, I started with great motivation managing to dominate the classes and making a good impression to the faculty members. However, I was still uncertain about where to take that education further. Medicine was on my mind during the first semesters, but it did not seem the final decision. A less comfortable time came during the second semester of the 2003-2004 academic year. By that time I had already completed 3 semesters with great grades, however I saw everything ahead of me far away, which seemed as a recurrence of past feelings of uncertainty that I had experienced before studying science and affected me negatively.
However, inside me I know I am not meant to be a failure, I had already accomplished great things and I knew I could do even more. Therefore, medicine presented to me as a complete career in which I could immerse and learn from. It offers me a big challenge to complete, and a satisfaction in which I only found in music before. It has the ability to give me a big sense of utility, meaning that I am able to provide a human being with perhaps the most important physical necessity there is: health. Music gave me the opportunity to cultivate human culture and ensure the continuity of great musical compositions, however, medicine can give me a more direct opportunity to work with people by treating them in times of need, intending to help them to improve their health directly, which I think is a satisfaction that only medicine can offer as a career. Therefore, by combining an unmatched sense of utility for the well being of others, and a continuous academic challenge, I find medicine an excellent field for me, since I have always wanted something to fill me as an individual, rather than just working for economical survival.