About Forest Fires

Forest fires can be caused by nature or by humans. But either way they can both threaten the lives of innocent people and animals. Not all fires are bad though some are set on fire on purpose. A few ways

forest fires can be prevented is by having strict laws to do with fire. Such as camp fires, smoking or anything hazardous to becoming a fire. A great example where fire laws are strict is at Yellow Stone National park founded in 1872. There are hundreds of fires in yellow stone park a year. Even thought there are hundreds of fires there they continue to do controlled burns to remove non-native plants.

Forest fires have negative affects to the home of humans and animals. They can destroy all the under brush and tress where animals live. They wipe out hundreds of homes and buildings. Some fires even kill innocent people who get trapped in the middle of the fires path. Although there are many negative facts about fire there are many positive affects to. For example if a are is crowded with tress or many old and dead trees it can clean things up by burning them leaving room for new trees. If an area is being over taken by a foreign plant then it will eliminate that plant and let the old one come back to life. Fires may also destroy bad tree diseases such as bark beetle.

All in all I think forest fires are a huge part of are environment. As long as forest fires are controlled we can learn to live with them and to use them to our advantage. Maybe some day scientist of the future will use our research to find a stop the bad fires that can destroy thousands of acres. In conclusion forest fires can be very helpful but very deadly.