Example University Of Maryland Admisson Essay

Example University Of Maryland Admisson Essay
June 11, 2004, 4:37 a.m. As dawn approached I was still awake, packing and repacking my bags. As I noticed the rainy weather I wondered what the weather would be like

in Sells, Arizona. I had been anticipating this missions trip for weeks and had planned meticulously for it. My parents called me paranoid, but I really only wanted to be prepared; after all, I was going to live for weeks without family.

The first step in this new experience was to let go of the starting point and family. As I left for the airport, they looked at me as though they would never see me again. However, although the worry they expressed was earnest, something inside me felt compelled to push away all my insecurities as we exchanged our farewells. After the missions team’s five hour plane ride across America to Sells, we were at our final destination. Surprisingly, after the strenuous workout of dragging around heavy luggage with a combination of being sleep-deprived, one look at the few enthusiastic church members was all it took to transfer their contagious energy into my own body.

Thousands of miles away from home, I felt as though I had been abducted by aliens since my surroundings were remote and exotic. The exhausting heat and barren land were all foreign to me. Upon arriving at the destination, I observed carefree children playing in decrepit shelters. As I adjusted to my surroundings, I befriended the natives that I would live with for the next two weeks. Each one of them possessed a unique personality; yet, like my friends at home, they all had the same quality in their smile, which never failed to persuade me to return that same genuine smile. However, despite their seemingly contented attitude on the surface, deep inside each one of them was a harrowing whimper for help. Many were struggling to escape poverty, gangs, homelessness, drugs, and hardships beyond my imagination. Soon, I realized that I took many of my opportunities and possessions for granted, and became more determined than ever to give what I could to my Arizona kids. .

The unforgiving sunlight woke me every morning and hauled me out of my sleeping bag. Although sometimes I would be discouraged at the challenging tasks before me, my comrades, especially my friend Steve’s utmost jubilation and optimism encouraged me as we tackled another day of service. After a couple days of the routine breakfast, bible study and crafts, praise and worship, I became gradually more confident in my abilities to help others. I formed habit of waking up early and tried to rise even before the sun. One morning I set out to help my pastor prepare the days’ food and services. In return, I received gratitude and sense of assurance from my pastor and the other missionaries analogous to the comfort of home and family. In my serving I received, in return, a sense of accomplishment and belonging.

This leadership position was crucial because of the duties that I fulfill for the mission and children. But, I also realized such position holds a greater importance because I am able to be a motivator and influence others in a undertaking to make a difference in old child, an elderly, disabled, and countless others who seek help. In every project my prayer was that I would make at least one person’s day brighter. I grew less aware of unbearable heat and lack of luxury, as I saw the change in the lives of the children I met. I devoted every motion and thought into the service to the children.

What I thought would be a simple mission trip extended to one of much more significance, a lesson in life, giving me motivation to view life in a new perspective. I came to realize just how harsh of a condition these kids grew up in. Having always been provided with all the necessities in life by none other than my own two parents, I never understood exactly how well I had it. Essentially, what began as a mission to change the kids became a journey in which these kids, who were more unfortunate than I ever was, changed me by teaching me to cherish everything I had. .I returned home, with a better understanding of the importance of family, a greater appreciation for my teachers and their service in education. I also gained a new determination to serve those around me. Through my involvement of community service, ranging from serving food and playing music in homeless shelters to helping the elderly play bingo at retirement homes to tutoring elementary school kids, I have realized the truth in Martin Luther Jr.’s proclamation: “Everybody can be great… because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

By attending University of Maryland, I hope to find even more opportunities to serve others. Realizing the importance of viewing every opportunity as a precious gift, I am confident that I will be able to take my pursuit of knowledge to its highest level. I am excited to be immersed in intellectual inquiry that I seek from a college setting and will make myself be known as a disciplined person who tackles challenges and is not satisfied until the best has been achieved. Through exchange of ideas and collaboration of efforts, I wish to build a promising and fulfilling future where I can not only fulfill my dreams but impacting the lives of people I love, know and live among this world. To me, college is the best opportunity that can be given to a person; I will seize college to make it the pinnacle of my accomplishments.