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Example University of British Colombia Admission Essay

Example University of British Colombia Admission Essay
The mission statement of Johnson North Secondary School has provided me the unique opportunity to gain the qualities necessary to be a successful educator. Being a senior student, I was inspired by many teachers and

school staff members to give back to the school and community. I believe my experiences working with students through the JNSS mentorship and leadership programs have contributed to the fulfillment of the JNSS mission statement for reaching young students and giving them the opportunity to become exemplary citizens in and out of the school community

Currently, I am an executive member of Johnson North’s Students’ Council and Fine Arts Council as well as the Grad Council Chairperson. As an executive member of all these council I work closely with students and staff to organize numerous school-wide events. I am also the Presidents of JNSS Amnesty International and one of the more recent projects that I carefully organized was the 1st Annual Amnesty International Film Festival. Apart from serving others, I also believe in education and I have had successfully finished four dynamic 1st year University level Advanced Placement courses, Biology, Psychology, Macro and Micro Economics in grade 11 and I am currently enrolled in History of Arts Advance Placement. Moreover, I believe in the value of community service and as a volunteer, I have devoted many hours to the Canadian Aids Society, Canadian Downs Syndrome Foundation, as well as the Canadian Kidney Foundation.

Just before the winter break of 2006, I spearheaded the 1st Annual Amnesty International Film Festival at JNSS. The Film Festival is a week long event, where two films related to human rights were featured each day in our school gallery. The executives worked closely with the regional director of Amnesty International of Canada and with the support of the staff from the school and the dedication of club members and volunteers, the events was a tremendous success. Through our work, we were able to give students from all grades an opportunity to learn about human rights and make them understand the values and rights that all people are entitled to.

Political and social issues such as those facing Tibetans in China, the aftermath of the chemical explosion in Bhopal, India, conflict diamonds in African nations, and the travesty in North Korea, were some of the topics that were covered at our film festival. What fascinated me was the sense of good-will that radiated amongst the students. In a concerted effort to create awareness in our community, we were able to ensure the tremendous success of the event.

I am always striving to help other students create and achieve their goals. My leadership at Johnson north has always been accomplished through taking action and helping others. I have been involved in my school’s Grade 8 Mentoring program where senior students are assigned five juniors and I acted as a positive role model for the elementary students in making the leap to high school. My genuine concern for the world’s problem has inspired me to become a high school science and social studies teacher. My endeavor to assist students has not only helped them to reach their full potential, but also allowed me to continue my life’s ambition to be a positive influence on my society and the University of British Colombia.