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Event Management Proposal – Business Management Paper

Event Management Proposal – Business Management Paper
The SUNYAC men’s basketball tournament and championship game will be held at New Paltz in Elting Gym. Amseshem Foluke- Henderson will be the Head of Affairs and will have groups of professionals that will make this event

run smoothly. The three major departments are Finance, Advertising and Marketing, and Security. Each department have different tasks. The finance department is in charge of payroll, ticket sales, and creating a budget. Advertising and marketing department basically will attract public attention towards this tournament. Lastly, the Security Department will protect the inner and outer area of Elting Gym.

The temperature will be in the upper 60’s for most of the weekend event. However, there will be a 10 percent precipitation. That means on Sunday afternoon we will have showers off and on. The bad weather that we will receive the afternoon is a disadvantage that we will face. However, we have scheduled the game around the time when the rain would possibly come.

The tournament will begin on April 16 and the last game will be played on April 18, 2004. There will be four games played on Friday April 16, 2004. Two games will be played on Saturday and the championship game will be played on Sunday.
There are 8 teams that will play in this tournament. All of these teams and all their managers will stay in the Super 8 Motel. The Super 8 Motel is located 2 miles from Elting Gym. It is close and convenient.

We will create revenue by opening a concession stand and sell apparel. We will sell soda, hotdogs, popcorn and all types of candy. We will assign prices to all of our products. Tickets will be sold at 5 dollars a ticket. All of the different schools sweatshirts will be sold there also. The profit that is created will go to the New Paltz Athletic Departments. We believe in Excellence and will strive for nothing less, this is why our event will be a success.